The purpose of Oth is to broaden people's horizon, to make them feel, see and understand things clearer, whatever the problem may be. If you look at a problem in a larger perspective, understandable for everyone, each problem becomes less of a burden. This creates a rich and vast support base and as a result people become less entangled in suffocating judgments, as this is the true essence of all problems: passing judgment on what is good or bad, on what is normal or abnormal, on what is fair or unfair, on what is just or not. By looking at this in a broader and more enlightened way, it generates a better understanding for one another, and that is the only approach for peace to grow and prosper. Oth does strengthen your personal power. A power that transforms you and brings you in contact with your soul and higher self. Aspects of the soul will become clearer and more recognizable. There will be more unity between you, the person and your soul. This again will broaden your thinking and your feelings, and you will discover how important you are as a link in the Universe.

Ellen Rauh has been inspired by Oth for over 20 years. Oth gives her access to what she calls Cosmic Internet.

"Cosmic Internet is for me a very great source of inspiration for knowledge and valuable information. I can only access Oth's knowledge if I let go of my control. By control I mean: not wanting to know yourself. More and more I learned to trust in what I call higher guidance. At the same time I learned that I am responsible for my own life and everything I spread as a person."

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