New Year's message 2021  |  December 13th, 2020  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year's message 2021

This message is for everyone who reaches this text.

Dear all,

It was a turbulent 2020. Many statistics, many regular festivities, many habitual patterns, were shaken up completely. Everybody was shaken up completely. All the Earth was shaken up completely. Several countries with different kinds of problems and at the same time, one factor was the same. Apart from climate, apart from politics, apart from country borders, apart from religion, the virus was available to everyone without any distinction. And the year is not over yet.

Several habits are called into question. And so, it became clear how important habits are, how important close contacts are, and how convenient it was to blend into the crowd to not getting involved in anything. Everything is shaken up.

Many people were so busy in the virtual world they had no time for the small intimate circle. They were lived. Schedules are crazy, and mobile phones and computers controlled their lives. Today everything or most is digital. So many should be happy, but they find out they miss simple things, that they miss real physical contact. This desire leads to an upgrading, a deepening of contacts.

  • "Who are dear?"
  • " With whom do I want contact?"
  • "And who goes to the side-lines?"

All choices that were given to mankind. And in this case, it is all about - until now - COVID in the media, the consequences for health, the consequences for schools, the consequences for the industry, and so on. But who is talking about the Earth?

Me-too movement for the Earth

Every country is struggling to survive and be the best. But who is talking about the Earth?

In 2019 it was about plastic. Who is talking about plastic now? There has never been so much plastic waste, all thanks to COVID. Dear people, the Earth is saturated with waste, and because of the nonchalance to only ‘take’ and not to ‘give’.

  • What do you give to the Earth? Disinterested?
  • Or should it serve a purpose? Should it be useful?
  • Who still gives something to the Earth disinterestedly - purely out of love?

The Earth is being abused. There should be a ‘me-too movement for the Earth’. And we can tell you: it has been going on for some time already. The Earth is going to protest. And then you will find out you are being tolerated by the Earth.

Many people who have the motto: ‘we love the Earth’, do so for self-interest and limit:

  • “I love the Earth but not spiders.”
  • “I love the Earth but not mountains since I have a fear of heights.”
  • “I love the Earth but not the water.”

Dear people, Earth is everything. The Earth is dependent on matter, water, and air. The air is polluted, the oceans are polluted, and the Earth is either permeated or abused. What are you doing??

Let COVID be an awake-up call of how vulnerable you are by an invisible virus. Know that if the Earth heaves, COVID will disappear to the side-line. What happens in the event of a natural disaster? Can you keep a distance of one and a half meters? Then there will be a need for physical contact. This seems to be a sermon, but unfortunately, the warning is very urgent.

Do not like the Earth because you profit from it. Have compassion for everything related to the Earth. If you are going to meditate for the Earth and you are very honest, you often do so for self-interest, for you have to survive on the Earth.

  • Who can disinterestedly love the air?
  • Who can disinterestedly love the water?
  • Who can disinterestedly love the Earth? That is far from easy.

But the Earth is also love - love - disinterestedly love.

The time is right for new ideas

The Earth has so much in store that has not yet been found, which has not yet been discovered, and what would be so simple to use.

So, look forward to 2021! Many new sources of energy, for disease control, will be discovered. All because the time is right.

Much more is being looked at in the larger picture. Not any longer to all kinds of loose segments.  Everything is connected. And then it turns out that there is a raw material that works for eight things at the same time. How great would that be?

When the fourth dimension - the standstill, the Nothing - is over, the fifth dimension will become accessible. Ideas will find a breeding ground in a different way than by marketing. It will start on a small scale and will become a large scale, without marketing.

So be very alert to new ideas. If they are dormant and you resonate with them, do not gossip about it. Cherish it. Keep it small. That totally runs against your nature. Keep it small, in small circles, and then you will prevent one or three companies from exploiting it. Then you will help to ensure that everyone, or at least a lot of people, can use it on a small scale.

So, avoid large power blocks. Do not try to participate in large marketing campaigns but cherish the small ones and let them be available to many. Not to be better off but because they can spread it with all kinds of small cells and then it becomes great and it is available to anyone who would like to benefit from it.

So, try to distinguish between what is distributed, what is found necessary, from power strongholds, and what will be available to all humanity, and especially in the countries that are now considered poor. It may well be that these will be the rich countries that do not intend to improve the whole world.

Improve the world. Start with yourself - on a small scale - let go of greatness. That is what we wish for you in 2021, so that a great many small-scale projects can be created, which will no longer be at the expense of the Earth, which will no longer have to do with large marketing campaigns or hypes, but which will be resistant to all kinds of influences - independent, neutral, available to those who are open to them.

We wish you a particularly good trip, an adventurous trip through 2021.

New Year's message 2021  |  December 13th, 2020  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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