Close the ranks & support each other - Mourning process - New user’s manual  |  Januray 26th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

Close the ranks & support each other!

Close the ranks! Close the ranks and support each other. On the front line. Together with many, to shape the new era and to be a compass for wandering people.

Mourning process

All of humanity is going through a process of mourning, a process of mourning because all realities on Earth are changing. How should you deal with that as a person? Just as many animals had to adapt to climate change, humanity as a whole must now adapt to change - big changes. You have to reinvent yourself, find a new user's manual for yourself. We would say: support each other!

Many people are wandering, seeking escapes. Escapes in what? A time out in what? The moment you have adjusted a little and have found your way again, it changes again. And there are different rules all over Earth. Unity is hard to find. The common denominator is "wandering".

  • What can I still do?
  • What is still possible within all restrictions?
  • What more do I want?
  • Who am I actually?

Feelings of despondency surface, which were always there; but there were all sorts of escapes to flee from this; all kinds of activities where you could release your stress, where you could flee from deeper feelings.

All of humanity is in a mourning process and a mourning process takes its own time. One thing is certain, no matter what will happen, it will not be the same. And even if it would be the same, it will turn out that you have changed; that there are other things you like and that obvious escapes from the past have become totally worthless.

Find a new user’s manual

What serves me and what annoys me? Support each other. Close the ranks. Allow loved ones to vent, to voice annoyances. One time it is your turn, the other time the other. And sometimes you are the uplifting factor and the other time the other. It is not natural any longer that some people are always signposts, that some people are always pacemakers. New roles are being added. Pacemakers will suddenly need people to cheer them up. Signposts will suddenly need people to give them advice and so a variety of qualities are presented and it appears that people have qualities that you never expected. So let yourself be surprised. Stay in the moment. Cheer up if you can and find a sounding board if you want to vent annoyances. This gives a deep connection with each other. Many acquaintances become friends. And many friends become acquaintances. There will be a shift in dear contacts.

The mourning process is about: losing loved ones because they disappear from life, but also losing loved ones because they no longer fit with your new self. Whenever people disappear from your circle of acquaintances, from your circle of friends, room for others becomes available.

So big shifts are taking place, big shifts in people who had principles and suddenly throw those principles overboard. So try to be flexible. Don't keep trying to label people they might not belong to anymore. Continue to be amazed at how people change. Because that too is unpredictable. As you look like this at the great changes that humanity is going through right now, you will experience a new togetherness and loved ones who remain dear will become even more precious.

It is a time of deepening, deepening in yourself; frightened by emotions that surface you did not know you had; startled by people you thought you knew and of which completely different elements suddenly emerge. So actually, it is not a boring time at all! If you are and remain an observer, you can now be amazed and there is a lot of variation. You can no longer condemn a country for the sake of a country. You can no longer judge a group of people because of a particular ideology. All kinds of shifts occur and it may just turn out that people who have always been railing at a certain ideology - positive or negative - suddenly turn out to belong to that positive or negative group - and we mean the groups that that person would have defined as good or bad in the old days.

So, it will be less and less important to criticize certain groups very fiercely because before you know it you yourself belong or you know loved ones who suddenly belong to it. Then it will be a different story. It's easier when you criticize strangers than when they're someone close to you. And so eventually there will be more understanding for certain ideologies, there will be an understanding that people sometimes derail, people of whom you had not expected it at all.

Chaos everywhere and togetherness everywhere

Chaos everywhere and togetherness everywhere. Ranks are closing, ranks for common criticism, ranks for common relief - both in equal numbers. And that is not true either. Most people - listen, most people - are helpful by nature, inventing all kinds of creative ways to provide help where needed. Wherever chaos reigns, heroes arise simultaneously. Try to be a hero regularly - big or small. Try to be a support and anchor regularly for your fellow human beings, loved ones, or total strangers.

Many people are lost. Lead the way if necessary and tolerate if nothing can help. Support each other, support humanity, and support the Earth. New ideologies, new ideas only come about when chaos lasts longer. If it lasted shorter, humanity would go back to the old normal. Since it takes longer, the changes will happen anyway. So look forward to the new. Hold on. Hold your ground. Close the ranks. Support each other, anyone who needs support, use your networks to put people on the right track and support them where possible. This creates a deep connection.

Replace better or worse with 'different'

We would also recommend that you increasingly replace the word 'better' or 'worse' with the word 'different'.

"How is it with you?"

Then you avoid competition and polarities. Then as an observer, you learn to call it ‘different’.

We are happy to give you a shower of support, a shower of energy.

Feel the great love and support of Oth and his people.


Close the ranks & support each other - Mourning process - New user’s manual  |  Januray 26th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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