New Year's message 2020  |  December 18th, 2019  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year’s Message 2020

You determine 2020

Dear people on Earth who want or can read this message. The 20th time we are passing on a New Year's message, as we call it. The twentieth message - New Year's message - for twenty-twenty. Two thousand twenty. So to speak: three times twenty: 20 20 20.

Dearest people, dear people, don't lose heart. Don't despair. Refuse to be ashamed - for whatever. Feel a participant, a participant to set a tone in 2020, to provide a view. You determine 2020.

Connect yourself

Seen from a broader perspective, we can tell you more and more unexpected partnerships will come about.

Two zeros. One zero is a ring, a circle, a connection – a connection of several aspects. Ellen sometimes uses it as an image of an armbrace: all different kind of beads strung together and connected with each other by a closure.

Don't connect yourself with boring equal-worthy stones but with unique stones or beads. Connect yourself with that which feeds you and don't connect so much from protest. Many people connect themselves to 'speak out against'. But if you look closely, there is little connection. There's a united speaking out against but connection does not need to be from speaking out against. A connection can be a grouping of diversity to serve a greater interest - not only your truth, but several aspects, to which a bigger group will be served.

Connect yourself with unexpected encounters. Connect yourself as human and not from principles. Try to avoid principles. Search connections within country borders, within religions, within men, within women, within children. Seek the greater connection. Earth is fragmented in several pieces and facets.

History has learned that a big disaster has very often lead to solidarity. Religions, races, rich or poor: all struck by the same disaster. That brought connection. We would say: try to experience solidarity before disasters happen.


And also - it's inescapable not to talk about it - we would like to address the climate.

Dear people, what a fuss in the media about the climate. The climate is as old as Earth and the climate gets a negative connotation while many people would like to go on vacation so much because of a climate they love.

Try to remove the negative connotation from the climate. The climate belongs to Earth and actually it's not about the climate, it's about the living environment - a living environment which air quality is very often experienced as unpleasant. But it's blown away by stormy wind. Storms are the consequence of the climate.

The climate is part of Earth. Storms, rains, heatwaves, droughts, colds. – all elements you can love, you can use, you can exploit, and you can be against.


Dear people, prosperity is the biggest cause of what you call a 'climate crisis'. The taking for granted that there is everything for everyone: too much. The more the better. Economy is about more and more. The more, the faster, the cheaper. The biggest - the biggest - enemy of what you call 'consequences of the climate' is prosperity.

Who can do with less? Why taking for granted energy is always available - energy you only need for your own comfort? 'Climate control', you call it. The right temperature, the right humidity, sometimes added with a scent because you feel comfortable with it, for example pine scent from a pine forest. Every is for sale. Everything can be made. But this requires energy, power - generated by the sun, by wind, by fossil fuels and so on.

Heavy users

It's all there. But you want too much. It therefore makes the dependence of energy supply for all your prosperity very vulnerable in your prosperity. Prosperity is depending on energy sources, that allows for transport, that allows for you to live in prosperity effortlessly and preferable quickly. So, it's got nothing to do with the climate, but with a sort of certainty that everything is for sale, you are entitled to everything and preferably as quickly as possible.

The big turnaround will be that more and more people will reject prosperity, the fundament of western civilization. Not the well-being but prosperity – all calculated being able to produce as efficiently, as quickly, as cheap as possible to satisfy the demand and all the users are taking part of that.

Regard yourself as a heavy user. Each and every one of you is a heavy user. Your clothes need to be transported and you might say: "I am not going to take a plane because of the climate" but clothes that are flown in, are transported, you have no problems with that?

"I am going to use less energy, but I do like fruits from a country, which need to travel to come to me". How hypocrite is that? And it doesn't matter as long as you realize you're a hypocrite. Each 'too', each hype, causes a bigger, faster production - by which a misbalance is irreversibly created and you, 'as user', are co-creating this disbalance.


Furthermore, we would like to talk about all statistics, all long-term predictions.

Dear people, all those long-term predictions like 'in twenty years…' or 'in 10 years …' - don't take them with a grain of salt but with tons of salt because these algorithms don't take coincidences into account.

According to a certain statistic there will be 'this much' air pollution by for example air traffic. And what about if, for the sake of argument, an airport is closed down for two days due to fog. Is this accounted for in the statistic of 'yearly emission'?

Coincidences will throw a spanner in many statistics that are static – that do not account for coincidences, that don't account for power failures, that don't account for strikes …. so to speak. It's too defined, too framed. A small element is calculated but the bigger picture is overlooked.

Vulnerable world economy

If everyone would realize the fact you're depending on world economic for medicine - medicines alone. Imagine the world economy would collapse for whatever reason, very many people would die. Not because of a pandemonium, not because of a virus, but because the medicines keeping people alive, would not be available any more.

Do realize how vulnerable you are and try to be humble. Try to be grateful and go for the well-being.

You're mobile data

Try to be more in touch with people around you, people who are visible and not just by data. You're mobile data and your contacts travel through data. But where's the total human?

More and more people are getting exhausted. They have become data. Everything is measured: the blood-pressure, health, heartbeat, how many steps you take. But who measures how you feel yourself – you as a unique human being? There is nobody like you.

Your unique energy field with life energy

We have already passed on a message: Burn Out? Become your own energy manager!

Let 2020 add yet another transition: you as a human being require energy to exist as a human being. Not just food, not just oxygen, not just water – but also an energy socket. Whether you call this 'cosmic-' or 'soul-energy', your life on Earth can just end abruptly. If your life energy is disconnected, then you're life on Earth has ended.

Not a single surrogate energy can recharge your unique energy field because it's your unique connection with life energy. So, be more careful with your life energy.

Known to many is the word aura: an energy field around you. When someone dies or leaves Earth, you will see this energy field disappear. People are disconnected from their life energy and life on Earth is no longer possible. In the coming years there will be more attention to this energy field. Can it be measured? Yes, it can be measured. Is it visible? Yes it is visible now. Sensitive people require a larger energy field around them in order to experience disturbing signals more quickly and more intense.

Many burn-outs complaints are the consequences of a shrunk aura. The life energy has shrunk. The light slowly dies. And whatever you do, whether you're happy, successful or down or not, the light will go out. Your life energy is not recharged any more.

Astronaut suit

Realize it's possible, realize you have such a field around you and CONTROL THAT FIELD!
You're more than a physical body. You are also depending on your own life energy.

What makes you fit? – and we don't mean physically but something that makes you experience a sparkle - your life energy then glows - your life energy is recharging, it's being activated. If you are in places where there is little disruption, where there is little stress, your life energy will recharge and become stronger.

Your aura is your shield against several external factors. You could compare it with an astronaut suit. Only with this aura, with your aura you can survive on planet Earth. So do take care of your aura.

Remember - and even if you might have forgotten then we would want to state: stress, a very common word these days, drains a lot of life energy. If, given circumstances, you are stress out a lot, you need to refill more often, refill more often than someone who goes through life without a worry in the world because he doesn't use much life energy.

Peace of mind does not require life energy

If you, given circumstances, have to use or require a lot of life energy, it's important you find more time for intense moments to restore your life energy. This will become very important in the coming time.

Try – if possible - to find time to go places or to be with people who demand little life energy from you. A sort of like-mindedness, a sort of harmony, a sort of resonance, that makes you don't have to spend life energy to participate. This can be achieved by several techniques:
Divers living environments and divers places - not to be determined by data but by your feeling, your own feeling of peace of mind. Peace of mind does not require life energy.
Your life energy, your battery, your field, can then recharge and collect more energy for moments you're not resonating with the circumstances around you. We hope Ellen can get herself to writing a book in 2020 on this with a lot of insights and tips around this subject.

So, become more meticulous. What makes you feel good? When do you get a peace of mind?
Do you have spare-energy to face a challenge?
Or are you over-exploiting your energy field?
The only one who knows this, is you.

Do you recharge at sea? In the sun? In a forest? Do you recharge by music that resonates with you, that gives you a peace of mind that ignites a sparkle in you and does not force you to get active? We wish this for each and every one.

Search for places, circumstances for you where you can sparkle - which does not use up energy, which does not use up life energy. Then you will be able to face much more stress, irritations from outside, viruses, bacteria, panic and so on. You need a buffer to keep calm in times of chaos.

Dear people, go for it. Prepare yourself unexpected connections will be created between so-called contradicting parties because this will be the year of connection, connection between twos and a two is created by two ones. Two individuals that will become one and connect together. Double!

So, we would say: welcome 2020 with you being, with your energy field, with your body, with your qualities.

Try to go for more well-being than for prosperity.
Try to give more often than just to consume.

We wish you a very prosperous, joyful and a high-energetic 2020.

New Year's message 2020  |  December 18th, 2019  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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