Ignorance  |  April 29, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


Do not try to know everything

We would like to talk with you about ignorance. ‘Ignorance’ is a great power allowing you to be uninhibited in life.

‘Knowing’ often has the consequence of leaving a feeling of powerlessness. To everyone who is feeling powerless every now and then, due to just any circumstance: try to go to ignorance from the polarity. Do not try to know everything. Before you know it, you’re taking too much responsibility on your shoulders. When you know it, you need to unlearn that you knew later.

‘Knowing’ can be a big obstacle because your brain power locks you at that, which causes you to be less open for ‘new knowing’. 

Which truth feeds you?

Since a total new network is forming, through which completely new ideas and new information are becoming available to Earth, to the people on Earth, to animals on Earth, through the morphogenetic fields and to the plants on Earth and to the complete Earth - new information which is dawning to all inhabitants on Earth and to Earth itself -  and since you, as mankind, are part of Earth as inhabitants and as earthly body, unpredictable changes in/to your body might occur, to what you call ‘diseases’, to what you refer to as ‘not perfect’ - which might actually be just perfect for the new age.

Very many inventions will reach Earth. Keep on wondering yourself: “Is this my truth or anyone else’s?” THE truth does not exist. What does exist, is the truth that feeds you - if only temporary. Strike out the word ‘THE truth’. Strike out the word ‘knowing’ for the time being.

Plug in to renewal

Come on, try to be ignorant as much as possible. If you give it time, your higher intelligence or information from the new network might just reach you. You might not understand anything of it. You will not understand how this is possible – and then you’re on the right track! Then you’re practicing with information from the new network, plugged into renewal, plugged into other truths, plugged into maybe a new move in your life which you’re normal self would fight against.

Try to be inhibited in life, just like children - and, if possible, if your work or people around you ask that from you, be responsible and report the truth of that moment - to use the qualities you have available at that moment but directly after that, as a matter of course, to be open again for new truths, new techniques, new qualities - then you’ll flow easier through the phase of the coming month.

Many unpredictability’s will present itself. Go with the flow. Do not try to understand. Do not try to know. Realize it’s new and unknown. Realize too that if you have a hunch you figured it out, that that is short-term thinking. The new network provides information throughout hundreds of years. You know, your brain is to be able to handle all sort of exercises, all sorts of stretches in order to be able to use this broader consciousness. This might cause a shortness of breath. Try to earth, get your feet on the ground, with your root - however you’d like to do that.

Gratefulness and understanding

Be thankful you’re spending this time on Earth, know each other, can laugh with each other and can mope around with each other.

Above all, try to be honest with each other, with your uncertainties and your certainties, your convictions and the ‘not knowing’ any longer. Try to share it, then more and more understanding will rise for the ignorant; there will be more and more sympathy towards people who act weird - not knowing why. Become lenient. Become a spectator - also your own.

Feel the big love from Oth, Atha, Era and Ehma.


Ignorance  |  April 29, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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