Responsibility / enjoy - data, knowledge and slavery - reset in lockdown - Symbiosis bubbels  |  May 8th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

Do people feel responsible or involved with the whole world? Or is it just to enjoy?

Dear people,

Many people in affluent countries already live in a kind of euphoria that the worst is over; hope to go back to 'the old normal' and find that the old normal no longer exists. There is more freedom, but many people have changed. In a year of limitation, it appears that people have reset. New values, new standards will become more important. The old normal, the obviousness that hypes and herds of the old normal will continue to exist, may well have changed: new interests, new relaxation.

The real consequences of what COVID has done will only become clear when people feel that COVID is no longer a limitation. But the consequences will be new restrictions, restrictions of a different lifestyle so that many products will no longer be important. One thing is for sure, the COVID has been spread by humans. The COVID was spread because people took it for granted or considered it necessary to travel. Humanity has spread the COVID.

All those rules about hygiene and staying indoors counted in affluent states, for people who have a home, people who have an income, and who often - usually - only needed company and relaxation. And watch what is happening now: the greatest tragedies related to COVID are now taking place in poor countries, where people do not receive benefits, where people do not have homes. Thousands of deaths per day. And who is still concerned about that? You have freedom.

This shows very clearly that affluent states are very happy to 'have' the whole world, can go to the whole world, but unfortunately are not concerned about the whole world. "As long as it is far away, it will not bother us." Involvement has diminished. And this will have major consequences. Western civilization has brought about a great deal of new prosperity. Tourism used to be a privilege for the wealthy of the Earth, adventurers, and explorers. Now it is a privilege available to anyone who has money. "The world belongs to everyone." But do people also feel responsible or involved with the whole world? Or is it just to enjoy?

One thing is clear: mass now appears to be a limitation – but a huge improvement for the virus. The virus thrives in mass. The virus thrives on spreading and traveling. This is not over. Humanity will have to realize that humanity itself is responsible for the spread, that humanity will eventually bring the mutations back to the entire population. Who wants to take responsibility for spreading?

Now it's about the responsibilities: "Am I sick?" "Can I protect myself?" "Do I take a vaccination? Yes or no?" All luxury problems. But the real question should be: "Am I a diffuser?" Little is said about it.

Data, knowledge and slavery

Internet, the computers, have been an enrichment to Western civilization. "Knowledge available to everyone". But can anyone handle that knowledge? Scientists have different standards and values for assessing a remedy: the side effects and the benefits. It always has been. If you had an illness in the past, you were informed by experts who were already treating you or by general practitioners.

This has all been replaced by data centers. They determine what is available. And the individual, the herd, is just data. You are data.

The disease, nothing was known about it. So, it took many sick people to understand the disease. All learning processes. And the moment they realize how it works, it changes again and they have to learn again by observing many people who have it. It is a delight for doctors to understand the course of a disease. This massive is new. Ever-changing viruses, changing variants with changing solutions. The people are used to collect data to understand flows.

The computer has brought wealth, has brought the world to everyone. And people thought: "So the whole world is ours." But without the computer, Western civilization is completely lost.

So the biggest threat is not wars with weapons any longer. The greatest threat is knowledge, knowledge that is distorted, knowledge that is spread to create fear. The space around the Earth is used for satellites to collect data. Drillings, scanning equipment, all controlled by computers to collect data, collect data on disease progression, collect data on climate change. But dear ones, the major weakest link in all of humanity is now access to data.

What are you going to report and what not?
It is a utopia that all knowledge will be shared.
It is a utopia that statistics are reliable.
It is utopian that data tables are reliable.

The world is in a turbo revolution. Many old limitations are now becoming apparent. The new mass-produced slavery is now becoming apparent, often through COVID. When poor countries, the cheap labor force, the countries with raw materials, are suffering from the COVID, the whole world suddenly falls short, depending on low-wage countries that can no longer produce. So there will have to be a recalibration of a new society. The new slavery will have to be accepted – slavery to make mass production – cheaply and in great numbers possible through slavery, far from home for the sake of prosperity.

This does not seem like a pleasant message. But you will still enjoy. Because a great number of new ideas – totally new ideas – are now getting a breeding ground. A different way of life, back to a small scale. Back to smaller forms of cohabitation. This will be the great future: new technologies that pursue different norms and values and will benefit all involved and no longer just a few at the expense of others. These will be the big innovations.

Many people have been reset during the lockdown

Many people have been reset during the lockdown.

  • "What do I really want?"
  • "What am I going to commit to?"

Depth, thrown back to yourself.

  • "What am I still worth?"
  • "What do I have on offer?"
  • "And what would I still like to use?"

Many things that go without saying can no longer be taken for granted. Before the whole COVID thing, there was a wave of people going into burnout. They had been burned to the ground because there was a lack of depth and satisfaction.

So the new direction will be:

  • "What gives me satisfaction?"
  • "Where can I use my capacities, not just for myself, but for others."

Symbiosis between different bubbles

Search for yourself. Many people feel that renewal is coming and are already looking forward to it. These are the people of the new era, who are going to shape a new sense of community, without excluding race, male, female, vegetarian, you name it.

Instead of all kinds of small communities with the same beliefs – the new faiths, shall we say. These 'new monastic orders' will have to become more open-minded and work for dissenters. No longer in the bubbles of like-minded people. This will be a great step forward: symbiosis between different bubbles that complement each other.

Enjoy it. Dream about that. Whom with a totally different view can you thrive with that adds something to you? Instead of blinkered thinking, it will give a broader picture. We grant you this.

Examine your principles. Try to throw them overboard regularly and start resonating with people with opposite principles and find a common denominator. Then you get a different sense of community.

Good luck. Enjoy the journey and feel the great love of Oth and His people.


Responsibility / enjoy - data, knowledge and slavery - reset in lockdown - Symbiosis bubbels  |  May 8th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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