Become flexible in a time where almost nothing makes sense anymore  |  February 23rd 2020  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh

Become flexible in a time where almost nothing makes sense anymore

The coronavirus: a wake-up call that humans do not control everything

The coronavirus will have a large impact - a very large impact - on statistics, where we usually have a demeaning attitude to. All these long term predictions: about ‘in ten years’ time’ and ‘in twenty years’ time”. We would say: throw them into the garbage. They only spread fear. Old cultures had predictions already but never based on digital statistics. A vital element is failing in all these statistics: the coincidences’, as we call it.

A virus doesn't care about borders. And look what happens: more and more borders appear: village borders, city borders, and we didn’t even mention country borders that are once introduced by humans. One single virus can render wars useless. One single virus can render religious commands completely useless. It doesn’t care about race, about religion, about rich, about poor, about country borders. It just ‘is’. And it’s a wake-up call that humans do not control everything.

We’ll give one visual example: China locks down a metropolis. Imagine yourself in tiny Netherlands that Amsterdam is locked down. What will happen if no one is allowed to be out on the street? Just imagine: where will the homeless stay? What will happen with the police? Events are cancelled; events are all calculated by digital predictions on profit, security, loss. Nothing counts any more. It’s almost impossible to lock down such a city. But still you see it happen in several countries. A whole area is hermetically closed and everyone is to stay inside. Gone are the so-called obligations: “you have to go to church”. “No, you are not allowed to go to church”. A lot new bans and many new freedoms at the same time. Because a lot is ‘not allowed’ anymore and a lot ‘doesn’t have to’ either.

The whole tourist industry is under big pressure. All those people who experience the freedom to think every beautiful place on Earth has to be visited by them. Now look: flight shame becomes fear of flying. Fear to be aboard a plane, fear to go to mass gatherings. Don’t fuel yourself with fear, we would say.

And again we come back to the big importance of maintaining your own unique aura. Your own immunity shield.

Many unexpected events will present themselves only to throw all long term visions to smithereens. What’s safety? What’s freedom? The biggest attack of this virus, the biggest consequence of this virus all across the world, is on prosperity. Prosperity doesn’t come naturally any more. It cannot be taken for granted anymore that everything is for sale. It cannot taken for granted anymore that you can go just anywhere. Too many freedoms that were taken for granted as a result of prosperity, cannot be taken for granted any longer. This is food for thought for many people while others just couldn’t care less.

Take your responsibility

We like to point out your responsibility to everyone here present. Many of you and each and every one of you have trained themselves all sorts of techniques to be sparkling energetically and to be vital. Knowing is not enough. Now you will become responsible for your own aura. Not one religion, not one confidence is enough now. Knowing is not enough. To trust in it, is not enough. The only thing you can do, is to maintain your aura. Maintain! Maintain, with the techniques you were taught and, if not, now is the time to activate them.

Let go of what is so-called healthy. You yourself determine how you feel, what makes you active, what makes you vital, what makes you feel relaxed. Because all these aspects can be pressurized. Are you tensed by vague things? And you have no clue why? Don’t try to find out where it comes from but take action. Take immediate action by doing that what makes you feel relaxed. Is your mind taken over by worrying? Absolutely take charge and think about something else.

Read more about this in the book “Transparency – Curiosity leads you the way “

Are you emotional about vague things, take action. Do exercises that may release you from your oppressive feelings, your feelings of fear. One thing that can never be suppressed are emotions. Give them space with love to let go. Never let go on restrictive thinking. Take a decision. Take charge and think about something else. Stress can be the result of your worrying thoughts, of your clinging onto emotions and then it depends what makes you feel relaxed. Is it due to clinging on to emotions?  Then give your emotions some room. Is it due to your mental capabilities? Become very decisive. Demand discipline and decide what you 'want' to think about. Then you will get a peace of mind and relaxation. Your emotions will start to relax when you let go of them.

Are you tired physically? That is also possible. Then, by no means, do physical exercises because they are supposedly healthy. Hit the sack. Go to bed and give your body the opportunity to relax. Become your own boss. Often we run into a pitfall: “You have to exercise!”, “You have to engage in sports!”, while your body is spent or is maybe at sixes and sevens already. Then it’s an attack on your body.

Many people attack their own bodies from discipline laid upon by some health-gurus. Become the boss. Dare to be your own wizard! Do physical exercises if your body is relaxed and has enough reserves. And if not ’sorry, not today’. Become flexible in a time where not everything makes sense anymore. This advice we would like to give you in these hectic times and many trend reversals. 

Become flexible in a time where almost nothing makes sense anymore  |  February 23rd 2020  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh


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