Ehma, Cairo, Egypt  | October 18th, 2014 |  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Try to be normal


I am Ehma
Ehma is me and me is Ehma.
A long time ago, they called me Ehma.
I can teach you about frequencies from the new time who is coming.

Your new self

Be prepared. Prepare yourself to become your new self and let go your old self.
In Universe there is no difference between woman and man.
People on Earth need names, need forms, but energy is free.
Become free to choose your new self.
Who are you in the new world?
Who are you – not as a soul, not as and energy, but who are you as a person?
Recognize yourself as the person you once were and now will become again: YOUR NEW SELF.
Take your time to love and invite your new self. Welcome your new self.


Evolution of Earth need your new selves, not as an energy, not as a light worker, but as a normal being, a human being.
Don’t try to become holy. Try to be normal.
Don’t try to be special. Try to be normal.
If you can accept that you are normal, if you can accept your whole self, then you are free to be who you are.
And the most amazing part of it is: the more normal you become, the more love you will become and receive from normal people.
Love the normal ones and become a normal one.
A new community of normal people who love each other, cause they are normal.
Don’t live in a palace, don’t live in an ivory tower, live in a normal house and make your house special.
Live in a normal body an feel your body is special.
Believe in everything what helps you to be loved and to be love.
Whatever the name of the religion is, it helps you, love your religion. And don’t let it be special. Let it be normal.

Poor and rich

There are people who are very rich, cause it’s normal for them.
And there are people who are very poor, cause it’s normal for them.
But don’t feel poor, don’t feel rich. Be it. Love it.
And a lot of times poor people are more rich then the rich ones.
So love the rich ones, cause they are also poor.
Love the poor ones, cause they are also rich.

I like to inspire you to become normal and accept yourself.
Cause the moment you want to be special, other people will be jealous, will become afraid of you.
It is so much easier to be loved when you are normal.
And give yourself the freedom to be normal.
And love in your own normal way and not like others do.
Write your own rules to accept love and to give love.
And feel privileged that you together here, hear this message from Ehma.
Don’t adore Ehma. Let Ehma be normal.

Ehma, Cairo, Egypt  | October 18th, 2014 |  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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