Privileges, duties and rights  |  July 15, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

It’s going very well with Earth

Earth is going on its own

Dear people, we’ve heard that there was a question about how Earth is doing. We have a big surprise for you: it’s going veeeerry well with Earth! If the people are happy with that, is another story. But Earth is doing very well. Just imagine yourself it’s none of your concern. Earth is Powerful. Earth is transitioning and does not pay attention to people, to animals, to plants, to land borders, to religions and neither if you personally love Earth or not. Earth is going on its own – in transition –  because that’s simply how it is in the timeline.

So if you love Earth: be thankful it’s going so well with Earth. Take care of yourself because you’re part of Earth and Earth is tolerating you, like we said in the << The biggest power on Earth is Earth >>.

Earth can easily go on without you. But Earth tolerates you. So we would say: be thankful you’re tolerated. Be thankful that you experience your stay on Earth as pleasant. It’s not a right. It’s not a duty. It’s a privilege.

Privileges, duties and rights

We want to talk about rights. What is a right, what is a duty and what is a privilege?

Why don’t you make an own list of what your rights are, which rights you appropriate, what your duties are, which duties you appropriate or constrain yourself and what your privileges are.

If you want to go for something, don’t go for a target that is in fact a privilege. We’ll give an example. If you’re in a place where you experience freedom of speech, then it’s a privilege and not a right. Others made sure it became a right and, as a heritage, you’re allowed to experience it as a privilege. The moment you appropriate a privilege as a right without any duties, the privilege is distorted.

If you look at structures like that, many people appropriated rights that in fact are privileges.

Search yourself. What are your privileges? Be thankful for your privileges. Honor those who have fought for these rights, so you can enjoy these privileges. Don’t identity yourself with them, because in all honestly, you didn’t do much for it. You just happened to be born in the right place, ended up in the right family. So, it’s a privilege and not a right.

Right to be, birthright

Many speak about birthright but who talks about a birthduty? There are beliefs that regard it as a duty when you speak about birthright. Then you also need to speak about the right to die. 

  • Is to die a right or a duty?
  • Is to suffer a right or a duty?
  • Is wealth a right or a duty?
  • Is freedom of being a right or a duty?
  • Is everything you do a right or a duty?
    Or are these privileges?

Eventually, a privilege can lead to a duty and then again turn into a right, in the right proportions.

Right now there is quite a lot of misbalances by all sorts of people who appropriate rights and don’t even realize they are privileges. Each privilege comes with duties to maintain that privilege.

What right do you have? Which privileges do you have? And which duties came with that? This is food for thought.

We wish you lots of judgmental powers, very much pride and very much satisfaction in that what you are doing because you do it with all of you.

We wish you very much gratitude to experience and to accept how many rights you have achieved and how many privileges you have received.

Feel the great love and support from Oth, His people, Allen and Me.


Privileges, duties and rights  |  July 15, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year's message 2018  |  December 17th, 2017  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

The biggest power on Earth is Earth

The human race does not consider anymore its being tolerated by Earth

The greatest power on Earth is Earth. Earth has power over everything Earth is and what has to do with Earth and Earth, as an individual planet, depends on the even greater power of the Universe – but on Earth the greatest power is Earth.

  • Earth does not take national boundaries devised by people into account
  • Earth does not take any belief whatsoever into account
  • Earth does not take wealth, prosperity, poverty into account

Realize that the human race is being ‘tolerated’ by Earth. Everything that stays and lives on Earth exists because Earth tolerates. Realize that you, as an individual, are being tolerated to stay on Earth temporarily. Realize that the power of Earth is so much bigger than the power of the human race. The human race has become arrogant. The human race does not realize anymore its being tolerated by Earth.

At the end of the year many people on Earth are busy with ‘peace on Earth’, ‘light and love on Earth’. Earth does not take that into account. Earth tolerates. At the turn of the year many people will be busy with wishes, things they want to do differently, things they want to do right, all sorts of New Year’s resolution that are often temporary, alas.

  • Is it useful to have New Year's resolutions?
  • Is it useful to do your best?
  • Is it useful to be successful?

The only important use, is that you realize that you, as an individual, are being tolerated on Earth.

Prosperity will change by the powers of Earth

  • What is your goal?
  • What is success to you?

Prosperity will change by the powers of Earth. The fundament of what mankind calls prosperity is unfortunately tearing. Many certainties will turn out to be false certainties. All success stories are based on ‘much’ and ‘more’. A company that makes a profit is called a successful company. The following year the company has to make more profit, else it has failed. Why more and more? Why ever further?

Be aware of small things for once. When the day is over for you, ask yourself:

  • What did this day bring me?
  • I am being tolerated on Earth
  • What is rewarding to me?
  • Did my day matter?
  • Was my day useful?
  • What makes your day useful?
  • What makes you, as an individual, useful?
  • What’s your priority?

To what extent are you able to tolerate?

Why does a human being want to be successful so much, when success is dependent on what Western civilization calls success? Many are addicted to success. You have to meet certain standards and values in order to be successful.

  • Why do you want to be successful?
  • Are you successful to Earth?
  • Are you valuable to Earth?
  • And why do you think you are valuable to Earth?
  • Do you tolerate Earth?
  • Do you tolerate everything that is related to Earth?
  • To what extend are you able to tolerate?
  • Or do you – at any cost – want to be successful according to the standards and values of Western civilization?

Each child, each young new life born or in progress to be born, is still unprejudiced. Aggressiveness does not yet exist. There is no competition. It’s made up by humans. All for the reason to be successful.

Try to eliminate the word ‘being successful’ for once. Try ‘being’ tolerance, to everything that is.

Be thankful that you are being tolerated to stay on Earth

Mankind is destroying itself. Mankind is destroying what it once built up – over decades, over ages.

Nature is doing the same. The greatest power, the biggest destroying force on Earth, is the power of Earth – and Earth is making its mark. More and more the laws of Earth will need to be respected. You as humans will unfortunately have to succumb to the laws, duties and rights Earth is granting you – because you are being tolerated.

The only thing to do, is to be thankful for being tolerated to stay on Earth, to do whatever you like, which you are allowed to do because Earth allows it.

Feel like a refugee who has received a residence permit from Earth

If you’re successful – in whatever way –  know it’s not because of you but solely because you were presented with the opportunities to be successful. So, do not connect success to your personality. The opportunity is granted to you by Earth.

Once Earth does not tolerate you – for whatever reason – you’ll lose all your possessions, you’ll lose your success and before you know it you’ll lose your stay on Earth. Your residence permit will be revoked, so to speak. It’s quite simple for Earth.

Earth is one big magnetic sphere. One small dust particle in the magnetic connection of your earthly life, keeping you on Earth, can break the connection. Your body stays behind and you go back to the Universe where you can stay longer. And if Earth tolerates you again, you can come back and you’re issued a new residence permit, so to speak.

So, feel like a refugee who has received a residence permit from Earth. You are ‘allowed’ to stay on Earth. But for what reason? Earth knows and the Universe knows. But you are useful temporarily – in spite of how useless you might feel. So be more humble. Feel yourself a temporary – specifically temporary – inhabitant of Earth, someone who is granted to temporarily stay on Earth to achieve something. Each and every one of you has a function – temporary or long-term – but everyone leaves footprints on the planet. Which ones, is different for everyone.

Become less arrogant. Feel tolerated and have respect to the rules and law of Earth because they will become more clearly visible. Earth is the boss and you are dependent on the powers of Earth.

Unexpected shifts in what people call prosperity

2018 will be a year with many unexpected shifts: shifts in power, shifts – major shifts – in what people call prosperity. If prosperity is translated into ‘more and more and more’, it will often turn out to be based on quick sand. More and more people become tired, become depressed from the more, more, more – from the prosperity’s codes of conduct which are dependent on Western civilization, from the global user’s manual ‘how to be successful’.

Many youth, many people living in prosperity, are unfortunately often sick. All stress-related disorders in human lives and bodies are usually related to prosperity. People who are surviving, people who are living in poverty according the Western civilization are suffering less from stress-related diseases or from all sorts of traumas. They are surviving.

The ‘prosperous people’ are vulnerable and have become sick, while they have reasons enough to be prosperous. So, be aware that the fundament you call prosperity, that Western civilization calls prosperity, is becoming unsteady. Notice that many people are dropping out who don’t want to go for the standards and values and targets Western civilization describes as prosperity-related goals. They are dropping out. Many children are dropping out. Many intelligent people are dropping out and many, according to Western civilization, so-called stupid people are dropping out. The drive has gone. The passion to maintain prosperity, is gone. So the foundation on which prosperity rests, is becoming unsteady. There is less and less enthusiasm for it. More and more people are no longer willing to sacrifice their well-being for prosperity.

So dear people, go for well-being. Go for tolerating yourself. Go for tolerating others. Go for diversity. Ask yourself to what extend you are able to tolerate. The moment you can tolerate, many stress-related complaints will vanish like frost under the morning sun. Stress is often related to prosperity – to what Western civilization calls prosperity.

Learn about ancient civilizations. Learn from ancient civilizations who slowly but surely brought about prosperity and eventually crumbled again due to personal interest because the drive and the foundation of the people to go for that prosperity disappeared. People pulled out and did not participate anymore to maintain a certain culture.

Try to be like Earth: tolerate

Look around how many people no longer have goals, how many people are no longer willing to maintain the picture at all costs. More and more people want to be themselves – whatever that may be. They become homeless voluntarily. They become stateless voluntarily. Many people currently no longer have a nationality, no longer feel connected to one country or are 'not allowed' any longer to feel connected to one country. They must renounce their origin and adopt a new identity. That is what is called 'integration'.

We would say: integrate as an original individual and make your time on Earth – as long as your residence permit is valid – an enjoyable time.

Try to connect with everything that stays on Earth and you'll notice that there are a lot more people whom you can have a warm connection with and less people you feel no connection at all. The majority of all those who have a residence permit aren't so bad. Basically, they are nice people. You can learn from everyone. And we would say: there is plenty of choice. There are so many. It's barely impossible with among billions of people there's no group you might feel comfortable. As for the rest: Try to be like Earth. Tolerate them, just like Earth tolerates you and anything else that stays on Earth.

Feel the big love from Oth, Atha, Allen and Ehma.

New Year's message 2018  |  December 17th, 2017  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh


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