New Year's message 2019  |  December 16th, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year’s Message 2019

Mankind, humans, has overcrowded Earth and has expanded enormously - more and more and more …  The economy, the globalization, is based on the ‘more and more and more’. The numbers of people do not suffice anymore.  The economy needs larger numbers of people. People are particularly to consume, the more the better, because it provides benefits to the economy.  People are supposed to become consumers of the economy. And the economy uses you, uses Earth, uses Earth’s resources, uses Earth’s air space, uses the universe for the benefit of mankind. It’s all about humans and to serve mankind’s economy. All people who care so much about Earth, care because they are users of the economy, of the luxury the economy provides you with, you, users of Earth. By what you buy, by the water you use, by the electricity you use, by the digital network you use, by the waste you produce, you consume to at least serve the economy.

There’s more waste than there are people. Waste inside people’s Earth, waste in people’s water, waste in people’s air, waste in people’s air space. Very much waste in people’s air space. All that waste in air spaces, above and around Earth, in the universe, will turn back to mankind sooner or later.

All that waste being produced, what you consume and brought back to Earth as a result - in large quantities, preferably to countries that don’t bother you, preferably to places where you can’t see it - is turned back to mankind.

Mankind will have to save themselves

So, we have this as message: you as humans, be human. You as humans cannot – and we say again: cannot - survive without other humans. You require at least a male version and a female version in order mankind to be mankind. Just like all mammals need to be fertilized, need to protect the most vulnerable being as species and need to feed it until it can live on its own, humans are responsible to sustain mankind.

So, you could say: “Well, we already can create a baby artificially”. Yes, you could, however, this baby still needs to be raised and to be taught about the Earth’s codes by humans. So whichever way you look at it, humans needs to sustain mankind.

So, if you want to feed the new age, be human and know you are a human being to feed mankind and to sustain it. No humans, no mankind. And mankind is weakened. Mankind has degenerated, is no longer self-supporting and has become very vulnerable. Do realize this. Everyone present here has as task to serve mankind, to let humans be more human.

There is diversity. There are several discussions, disputes, between religions, between races, between all sorts of opinions, but in the end, mankind will have to save itself.

The pure race does not exist anymore. There is no more country hosting their original inhabitants. You will have to deal with that. And suppose this would be the case, then you would need to accept that you cannot go to other countries. Imagine yourself you cannot travel any more, that you would have to stay in your own country and must survive with the other people of that country. That Is very limited. You have no longer access to other cultures, to other ways of thinking.

So, to all of those who like to travel: if you travel, integrate in that land and don’t let your waste poison that other country. Take responsibility for what you use and what you leave behind. You can’t prevent a lot but on the other hand you still can. And if you can’t prevent it, do realize what major user you are and don’t go trumpeting loudly how much you care about Earth, by polluting it. You are soiling your own nest. Stop doing that!

Create as little pollution as possible in your own environment. Everything you do, brings pollution. Manage your own energy – your personal energy. Don’t let some else do that for you.

You cannot live without each other

Look at yourself. “I can take risks, because if something goes wrong, someone else will take care of me”. Look how dependent you are on some else’s care. And then you grumble how that other is making you dependent. But can you live without the other?  Or could you be thankful, just grateful: “Thank you that you do this for me”. Whether it’s work, whether they are specialties, you can’t live without each other.

Whether it’s a farmer, or an industrial, a doctor, everyone is dependent on each other to survive.

So, dare to be your unique self. Let go from which country you originate, let go from which culture you are, let go of who you supposedly would need to be. Be your unique self, at mankind’s service.

And if you give preference to animals, to plants, whatever Earth is offering, do it – for mankind. Because mankind cannot survive without animals, Mankind cannot survive without plants. So basically, it’s for your own benefit.

Realize that it’s for your own good and do that what you are good at – for mankind.

Free yourself from utopias that do not serve mankind. But become unique in what you are capable of, in what you have to offer - whatever that may be - and realize you are serving mankind. Become aware of your influence, it’s bigger than you think.

Smiling is a language

Upgrade - upgrade, upgrade! -  your smile. It’s free of charge and it brings so much. And no grimace, no act. You can only but smile when it comes from your heart. Look at the great joy parents experience when their baby smiles for the first time. A smile of recognition. Honest. A baby will not smile at someone who the baby doesn’t feel comfortable with. A baby doesn’t make any difference between acquaintances and strangers. A baby feels. A baby resonates. And a smile cannot be forced at first. Later it will learn that it can use a smile to impress or to get its way. That’s another type of smile.

So, wherever you might be, at a market, in a store, at work, in a public transport: try to use the smile of a baby. Try to just smile at a stranger, because you feel you can and because you feel like it. It’s a language. It’s a richness and there a great shortage of smiles.

We wish you a lot of smiles in 2019 because you can only but smile when you feel good and when you’re not minding your own problems for a moment, your own social network but are resonating from rest with your surroundings for a minute and smile when you spontaneously feel like it; then the smile can live a life on its own and trigger human contact, interhuman contact.

Go for it, because every time you spread a very subtle love-energy with your smile, it will come back to you.

We wish you a fantastic smiling 2019!

New Year's message 2019  |  December 16th, 2018  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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