What does safety mean to you? |  March 29th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

What does safety mean to you?

We would like to talk about safety.

What is safety? Safety is limited. Who feels safe? And what does safety mean to you? What is unsafe for one person is super safe for another.

Safety is the opposite of fear. Every person knows fear. Try to put yourself more and more in the shoes of a child who is afraid of something he does not know and cannot comprehend. And then the parents say: "You don't have to be afraid of that. We will take care of you". It is part of a childhood phase: anxiety dreams, to slowly but surely get used to fears.

Fear is always related to and based on the unknown. The moment it is known, there is a kind of certainty and a sense of safety: "I have it under control. I recognize the signals." We have already talked about it before; safety is very often 'false safety'.

Mankind finds out that with all the data and with all the satellites that we are all intended to exercise control, to build statistics, to make predictions; increasingly more often they turn out to be useless – useless – completely useless. And mankind is slowly realizing that it has lost control.

The climate does strange things. Seasons no longer obey the rules. Animals no longer obey the rules. Viruses do not adhere to the rules at all. And data cannot be trusted.

Global logistics schedules seem to be completely messed up by one ship. Entire programs, neatly rolled out with all kinds of formalities, by one ship world trade – a large part of world trade – has come to a halt. And we are talking about a few days. What are seven days to stop global trade?

What is one comma, one digit, one letter difference in a huge data file? How many consequences does that have? Due to the size of the files, the consequences of one digit, one comma, are immense.

More and more statistics will turn out to be false safety. Do you no longer have to plot strategies? Of course you do, a person needs that as a control.


We would say to anyone who is inspired or feels inspired by this message:

  • Manage your safety
  • Acknowledge your fears
  • Acknowledge your insecurities. Fears are based on insecurities
  • Constantly look for moments, techniques, that offer you safety
  • Who can you be yourself with?
  • Where can you be yourself completely?

You cannot change the world. You cannot remove the uncertainties that are so big now. So, manage what occasionally offers safety for you, as an anchor, as a dot, to hold on to regularly. A sturdy boat that floats. Where to? Where will the wind or current take you? Life turns out to be one big adventure.

So, feel safe with what you feel safe with, and that is individually different. Seek joy that brings you joy. And support each other in these turbulent times.

And when you end up in a new trend, it also goes very quickly. That is typical of this time. Everything is more intense. Everything is bigger. One small facet can have major consequences.

Take a look at the world stage as well. Look at the situation on Earth in this way. One minor mistake can have major consequences. But one minute change can also have major consequences for the better. Then you advance in turbo power. That is the other side. That is also more intense.

It remains intense. Stand tall, support each other and be sure that it will be very intense for a while anyway.

Feel the great love and support from all of us.


What does safety mean to you? |  March 29th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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