Be a connector - Stay your unique bubble - Dare to say regularly: "I don't know"  |  October 3rd, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

Be a connector

Dear all here together – physically and virtually. Many here present or virtually are not here just for themselves. None of you only lives for yourself. Each of you individually affects others, sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes you have more influence over people you don't even notice than over people you see very often.

This is exactly what is happening on planet Earth. People look for togetherness to be strong together, to stand strong and to have influence. At the same time, those who supposedly don't participate in anything, but just remain themselves, often have more influence.

Try to be neutral on all fronts. Neutral means: not radically opting for one or the other. Each of you present here has already fought a battle against what you call "authorities." Dear people, you have already fought that battle. Are you going to repeat or are you going for neutrality? Neutrality means that you can be a connector.

Do you want to be a connector or do you want to belong to a certain restricted group? Do you want to be a freethinker or a free personality? Your personality is temporary. Your being is infinite. Do you choose the long term or do you choose the short term?

If you look at human communities, there have always been wars. Wars are caused by different beliefs, different religions. Communities that could effortlessly thrive together, were suddenly split between traitors, bad or evil. And the people who did not join the battle, stayed in the shadows and did underground work. This is known to everyone.

Now many of you have a choice. What are you going to do? Are you going on the barricade or are you going to connect underground? Unfortunately, a choice is a choice: either the one or the other. What are you satisfied with?

Try to remain a freethinker. Don't try to go along with everything that seems big which is a hype; because before you know it, you're caught up in a hype.
Do you dare to be yourself – unique, neutral and accessible to many parties – or do you want to belong to a certain group?

What does it mean to be free? Will you fight for freedom for yourself or will you fight for the freedom of others? That too is freedom. So are you fighting for yourself or are you fighting for others? Do you remain neutral yourself because you do not dare to choose or do you remain neutral to be a connector for others? Everything is a choice and many people have a very strong personality and a strong intuition. But it is very difficult in media storms and hypes not to let yourself be distorted to participate. It takes a lot to stay your neutral self.
You would think: “That's not tiring, because I'm not participating”. But it's soooo tiring not to be pulled along – and this remains. There are many more choices to come – many of which you have no idea yet. So, hold your horses – sometimes neutral, sometimes radical, depending on who you hang out with. Whatever you do, it's exhausting.

Stay your unique bubble

Many people are exhausted by choice stress. “What should I choose? What do I have to stick to? It's like this here, it's like that there.” Nothing is taken for granted anymore. And it will certainly remain like this until early next year. So prepare yourself for all kinds of hypes, for all kinds of media storms and pamper your body, which has to put up with a lot to stand firm in a rebellious group or to keep your distance. This also requires a lot of energy: staying in your bubble, your unique bubble.

Take care of your unique bubble, which will be smashed a lot, to pull you in or to repel you. Stay your unique bubble. Protect your bubble – no longer just against viruses and against diseases and whatever people want to protect themselves against – no, a bubble with a strong shell that can absorb a beating, a beating from the left, from the right, from above, from unexpected angles – all beatings that try to push you in a certain direction. The moment you realize that you have to protect your husk very well and put yourself completely in the shade sometimes and other times when the coast feels clear to you, go to some wonderful place in your bubble. Enjoy your bubble. But if you feel completely comfortable in a group, in a community, in a country, do not ‘become’ that bubble. Enjoy your bubble inside a group bubble, but stay your bubble. And if you step out of a group bubble – for whatever reason, voluntarily or forced – and if you have time for yourself: sit down, take the time to sit in your bubble.

Everyone present here goes to sleep regularly, luckily. Sleep in your bubble! Be aware of your bubble before going to sleep. When you are aware, you shift your focus to your unique bubble, you activate your bubble and you sleep in your bubble. That is an agreement with yourself.

Your body, your emotions, your thinking, all those systems in your body, have a memory and with all those systems your being can make an agreement. Your personality is a slave of all those systems, but your being is not.

So before you go to sleep, make contact with your being, which that body actually doesn't require but temporarily inhabits on Earth and lie down with your being in your bubble before you fall asleep. Then that is a time when you can be neutral for a while, so that when you wake up you can look at reality bright and early. At the end of the day you will realise that you have been part of many realities during that day. But no matter how many realities you were around and how many realities you were part of, none of that matters anymore when you go to sleep, it's 'you and your being in your bubble' to re-energise for the next day .

Dare to say regularly: “I don't know”

So manage your energy. Realise and accept that it’s a very exhausting time now to either choose to participate or to remain neutral. You are being pressured from all sides, opinions are being sought. Dare to say regularly: “I don't know”. But then you shouldn't want to know either. It's so tiring to want to know everything.

Feel more often like 'a child without responsibilities' – the happy child who doesn't need to know anything – because that's what parents are for or those who take the responsibility for it. Take a time out regularly with the conviction that there are responsible people who will take care of you. Just play, not having to know anything for a while, so you can't do anything wrong, certainly not consciously. You are intentionally doing something wrong if you’re knowing. But if you don't know, then it's by accident and you can say, "Sorry."

So try to schedule short playing time for yourself regularly and take care of your unique bubble with a strong husk.

We wish you good luck and a bon voyage in this tiring time.

Feel the great love and support from Oth and his companions.

Be a connector - Stay your unique bubble - Dare to say regularly: "I don't know"  |  October 3rd, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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