New Year's message 2022  |  December 12th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year's message 2022

The compass is no longer working

Dear all,

Humanity experiences chaos, Earth is chaos and from chaos renewal will arise. The biggest victim is humanity itself.

Many people will feel more and more vulnerable – while many 'thought' they had control over other countries, over climate, over plants and animals, even over space – and it turns out that there are other interests at play, that coincidences happen that these people or the experts hadn't anticipated.

It is very hard now to lead and show people the way because the ways have changed. Everyone is walking around on Earth blindly, as it were, without navigation. The compass is no longer working. Magnetic fields have changed on Earth. This was a long-term project. Many people have contributed to that. It has been known for a long time and it is a repetition of facts, with the big difference that in earlier civilisations it was not known to everyone.

Nowadays everyone needs to know, and everyone knows a solution. Nobody believes other people's solutions. It's a mess of people who know exactly how to do it while in fact, no one knows. All you can do is your best.

Revolution and rebellion belong to innovation. Whether you're talking about climate, energy, vaccinations, medicines, humanity is increasingly spoiled and cared for and coddled. Everything is for sale, everything is possible: 'you are free'. No one is free. You are dependent on all kinds of situations and dependencies, whether you like it or not. And if you ever feel free, that's a luxury. Then enjoy it, but don't think it's your achievement. It is a luxury that you may enjoy as a person. Nothing lasts.

Take care of each other?

Look at the entire healthcare system which is now in chaos everywhere. Care for safety, care for health, care for people in need of care. How is the system currently organised? 'Measuring is knowing'. Everything needs to be measured and labelled.

Look how many diseases and disorders have been invented, labelled, and been given a name in the last twenty years. Very many people identify themselves now according to a label: "I am..." instead of "I occasionally suffer from...". But if you're suffering from something, then no help is given. First needs to be found out what you are suffering from and after it's proven you are indeed suffering from something, care is there. You must prove, as it were, that you are suffering from something and then you are eligible for care that is about that, specialised in that problem. You are entitled to care if it has been proven that you need care. How far has humanity drifted from caring for each other?

Why does someone need an excuse and a reason to receive care? Why do you need reasons to provide care? If it were natural again that in a small community you take care of each other without needing a problem, it would add a great deal of well-being to humanity – which is different from prosperity. Well-being is taking care of each other for no reason, without it being your profession, without being capable of it. Anyone can be loving without being an authority, without being a specialist.

That's not to say you shouldn't be thankful for all the inventions and all the specialisations. Imagine the medical world would no longer exist, would disappear? Then you would see how many people would have to leave Earth. Many people are not able to live on Earth without medicines, but those medicines were invented by someone or something. So: do you want to live? Then you will have to accept that sometimes you need an artificial heart, a hip, a knee or medication.

When the soul purpose is to live longer, you take the place of people who would like to be born. Look at affluent countries, where the birth rate is falling. If you look at it that way, you would think: "What selfish people, all those people who want to live longer!" But that's too short-sighted. It's a welfare state. The welfare state is a state that takes over the care of others and the people who depend on care are becoming increasingly vulnerable and consequently, many people have official jobs in healthcare because people can no longer take care of themselves.

Control by computers

If you look at people in affluent countries in this way: who is in charge? The major control lies with computers. The datacenters, the algorithms, and the satellites that make you dependent and will decide for you. 'That's handy'. 'That is easy', but you unlearn to think for yourself. You become a kind of robot, controlled by other computers.

And look what is happening on Earth. A virus shows up, known in the computer world, that penetrates your system, the health care system, the economic system, which messes up all the algorithms. "That has to be measured. That must be solved, with all kinds of computer studies." "Yeah, sure, we found it." And then what happens? A new virus emerges. Everything that is going on Earth can be traced back to computers, computer-terminology so to speak.

Are computers to blame? Certainly not, it has always happened. There have always been civilisations that at some point became oppressive, became dominant and people lost control over themselves. There was no more servant leadership, but ruling leadership, and everyone had to think as the rulers said they should think: new faiths, new holidays, new calendars, new ways of living.

All religions, all movements came to be at some point. The longer they were present, the more rules were added. You had to 'get access to' and more and more obligations were imposed until it started to get in the way.

So, is it the computer? Certainly not, it depends on the power you give a computer. But realise very well that you are also a kind of computer yourself. Protect yourself. Start thinking in computer terms. You too have energy fields. You too have algorithms in types of DNA. There is more DNA than physical human DNA.

You can also see that as a sort of algorithm, but of a different kind. Many algorithms exist and more are being discovered. Will that cause chaos? No, that will bring forth new inventions and new ways of living. Let go of the fact that it will be massive. Try to build your own network in your own unique life, with your own firewall, with your own security and login codes.

More diversity

Major shifts are coming, but the mass global thinking won't be for everyone anymore – COVID has made that clear. "Unity of being, global thinking, borders open to everyone, everything is for everyone who can afford it." That is over.

More and more borders are closing. More and more countries that have once been declared countries are taking control into their own hands: "These rules count here. Whatever you may think about them, but here it's like this."

There will be a great deal of diversity instead of unity. For example, new bounded communities will arise in countries, smaller communities that hold a different belief, but do not impose it on others. This way you can be a citizen of the world and at the same time return regularly to your own tribe, to your own community, to serve something or someone from there with the qualities that you possess: individually, as an authority, as an expert, as a specialist and connected with a community where you feel good or in a circle of friends where you feel good, which is not determined by hypes, not determined by all kinds of assumptions.

So, feel free. Connect. Find with what or whom you resonate and expand that little by little, but not too much. Don't impose it. Let it be a free choice who wants to join and then you 'aren't' that community. No, you are 'a regular' of that community.

A true global citizen may be part of other communities on a regular basis, to serve, but not to change the rules. Accept other people's rules, other people's ways of life. The better you can do that, the better you can enforce your own rules in the communities of your choice. Then you are another individualist. You adapt to where you are, and you are free to join many communities. Then you are a freer person.

We wish you a good journey in the coming year.

New Year's message 2022  |  December 12th, 2021  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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