New Year's message 2023  |  December 18th, 2022  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year's message 2023

Dear people, this is a message to people on planet Earth; people who have lost their way, people who need something to hold on to, people who seek a way forward, a way forward from the chaos that has arisen.

Tower of Babel

At this moment, Earth is a Tower of Babel: different languages are spoken at the same time. One is understandable, the other not at all. There is one big misunderstanding and a lot of chaos.

Yes, there is a lot of chaos. Many institutions that have served humanity or part of humanity for a very long time are about to collapse, are about to falter. Many certainties don't seem to be so self-evident any longer. On top of this chaos, came the infamous COVID, which the whole world – all countries – had to deal with, creating a common problem.

Chaos all over. Certainties disappeared. COVID was everywhere and there were different measures everywhere. Where did the global thinking go? It was a global issue, but there wasn't a global solution. Everyone was looking for solutions in their own way. It resulted in major shifts, and logistical problems were all exposed. Dependencies were exposed, dependencies on other countries who suddenly couldn't participate any longer. Supply was blocked.

Unpredictability still rules the Earth. Get used to it. Chaos all over. Unpredictability all over. If things continue, be grateful, but it's no longer self-evident.

Wealth is no longer a privilege. Sometimes poverty is richer. What is wealth? Wealth is not about money. Wealth is not about resources. Wealth is not about power. Wealth is about human warmth. Small groups of people who support each other.

You're one of a kind

When you feel irritated, feel triggered, feel stressed, feel misunderstood, feel rebellious, then one can connect with like-minded people to be all rebellious, to all express your discontent. But you can also retreat with ordinary people who are indeed friendly, say "good morning" with a smile on their face or assist you in crossing the street? You'd forget how many there are still left. The choice is yours. What do you want? What kind of connection do you seek? To kindness? To attention? To people with whom you get your way?

Return to yourself as an individual. There isn't a single person on Earth who is exactly like you. You're one of a kind. However, there are people with whom you can resonate easily. And why does this need to be forever? Why not temporary? Why claim people to be nice forever when they were nice before?

Grant people the freedom to resonate with like-minded people because it allows them to fantasise or to get their way, or with people who are lost and wander through life a bit, or with well-travelled people who therefore have come to learn about many cultures.

Why is it you travel?

Why is it you travel? There have never been so many possibilities. Do you travel to be in your own bubble? To enjoy luxury? To enjoy nature? To enjoy survival? Or do you travel to observe and learn about other ways of life? What are you looking for? For what you already know? Or for what you don't know yet?

We'd like to advise you all: why don't you try to find something you don't know. There is so much available. There have never been so many possibilities for people to get in touch with something you don't know. Quench your curiosity. Look at all the chaos that now rules, all the institutes, al the beautiful programs that turn out not to be correct, now a different reality is knocking on the door.

'For everyone' doesn't exist

It is an ideal time for adventurers, for people with new ideas. The ground is ready. The nourishing base is ready. Because if everything goes well, and everything runs smoothly, why would you renew something? But because so much goes wrong, so many truths no longer turn out to be correct, there is an enormous breeding ground for innovation. New small communities, small initiatives that suddenly get off the ground, for which there is a need.

We want to warn you about one thing: don't make it too big. Don't let it be for everyone again. 'For everyone' doesn't exist. If you thrive in your small community, don't impose your will on other communities that live a completely different way of life.

If they feel good about that way of life, who do think you are to change that? Turn it around. Would you want for them to force their way of life on you? No, usually you wouldn't. Hence the great chaos on planet Earth. Everyone thinks they know best how people should organize themselves, how people should live, until the moment other communities start imposing their will on them. That is today's Tower of Babel. Think big, wanting to think for everyone.

No, Social Media, the Internet, and prosperity have greatly activated individualism. You control your life. Knowledge is available to you, whatever you want. And what are the consequences now? All kinds of individuals who themselves know best. If you want to be an individual, be an individual and let others be an individual too. But don't force anyone not to be an individual, but to be like you. This is the big upset at the moment.

What do you have on offer, and what do you need?

Where's the unity? Where is the togetherness? Do you live for yourself, or do you live for someone else? You cannot live only for yourself, but you cannot live only for the other person either.

Where's the balance? What do you have to offer and what can someone else offer you? Be open to someone else who has something to offer and have something to offer for the other yourself. What do you have on offer, and what do you need? You need someone else for everything. That will be the new togetherness. Commit yourself to give or to receive something and let go of whom, then humanity will experience togetherness again in smaller communities, in smaller groups.

All over the world you will find people you can give something to, or to receive something from. The world is so beautiful. So beautiful is the Earth you live on. There is so much possible. Use it. There are a lot of variations, and if someone does not want it, there is always another who really wants it.

Allow yourself favors and allow someone else favors

Broaden your horizon. Go give and go receive. Say "Thank you" and "please". Just say "Good day" or receive a "Good day". The choice is yours and then you'll have peace within yourself. And if you don't experience peace within yourself, there are always people who will encourage you, or people who will let you be, if you want to. That is freedom of being: to allow yourself favors and to allow someone else favors.

We would say: get to work on next year – which is unpredictable – with many unexpected twists, but also a lot of innovative ideas and the emergence of all kinds of new harmonious small communities. Enjoy the variety and join – regularly – different groups, to spark your curiosity and to learn something from just anyone or to give something to just anyone.

We wish you a very diverse 2023!

New Year's message 2023  |  December 18th, 2022  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

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