The flip side of grandeur - Despondency at its finest   |  June 11th, 2022  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

The flip side of grandeur

Humanity is lapsing into despondency – drifting aimlessly around - and every solution is only partially true. Humanity is becoming a victim of its human grandeur because that grandeur doesn’t seem to be that grand to offer the greatest of solutions because they all follow their own lines of thoughts and (want to) impose them on the world. The world is not for everyone as an individual. The world is for communities that live in certain parts. The pursuit of great unity, of great power structures, will always result in the oppression of small communities.

At the same time, big companies get hit the most because statistics are based on something that lasts – but everything falters. Certainties falter, goals falter and large companies also become despondent by all kinds of limitations that hinder them from thinking big or all kinds of concerns that they have to deal with, for example supply problems. World trade appears to be a utopia and very vulnerable. Efficiency and purposefulness turn out to be very loss-making if chance circumstances do not provide supplies, if delivery cannot be made at the right times – climate can suddenly become an obstacle or the people themselves; if the large masses, that have to provide support, no longer want to do that.

Despondency at its finest. What can we still do to save the world, and the people? Great seers are unfortunately silent because greatness should not be seen, because it would take a lot of people out of their comfort zone. But every chaos, every despondency, belongs to every culture, to every civilization and is ultimately the foundation for renewal. Many are despondent, especially when it comes to broader goals. It becomes difficult, especially if you have to serve a larger mass. What to do?

The only advice we can give you: hang in there, go with the flow. Try to create happiness, cheerfulness, community feeling in miniature, and all those little strongholds will eventually bring about a new civilization, if you do not impose your ideals on other communities. This will prove to be very difficult because it goes completely against the idea that everything belongs to everyone and is there for everyone. That turns out to be a utopia – for now.

We would say: keep it to yourself, keep it small, keep faith that it is not humanity that offers the solution but the ‘higher management’ who inspires people to roll out the right ideas at the right time.

Humanity will never be lost, and the Earth will never be lost, but there will be a reshuffling, a new division of powers, a new division of rights, a new division of duties in all things concerning people.

Support each other, comfort each other, give each other confidence to roll out the new era at his or her own pace and jump in when the time is right for you to add something for – mind you – a smaller community.

Feel the great love from Oth and his Companions.

The flip side of grandeur - Despondency at its finest   |  June 11th, 2022  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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