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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fift dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fourth dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Power in Balance

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Discover your own influence

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Times of change

Towards a harmonious redistribution
of power structures

We mentioned  it earlier, hectic times. We said it earlier, chaos. We talked about changing times and about changes that have been going on for a long time, which are now becoming more visible and which, before you know it, are creating waves of fear, fear because everyone understands that the status quo cannot be maintained.
The old structures and the old ways of thinking are now obsolete, regardless of what one tries to do.
There is a current, moving amongst the people and in nature, in Earth itself and around it. Everyone of you and everything is connected with one another. Therefore, one unrest creates another. Realize how everything is connected.

Many on Earth were focused on Egypt, the country, which plays an important role in the power relations. But it  is not only about Egypt – and this is new – never before has it been more plain that it is all about a balance of power. How do you get to a redistribution, a harmonious hierarchy between powers.? That is the challenge.up

Everything is connected and dependent on one another

We want to advise you not to focus on the images of Egypt. It is about Egypt but at the same time it is not about Egypt alone. We would like to advise you: when you are touched by the images of Egypt, do not take sides, do not be judgemental, however difficult this may be. Try to be neutral and we will offer you help. At the very moment you are touched by something that happens there and you realize that you are taking sides, realize that you are judging and accept it.. Also accept what you are feeling:

Therefore: accept fear, accept powerlessness, accept compassion and shift your focus to a harmonious redistribution of power and not only the power in Egypt. Then you will contribute to a harmonious distribution of this power, as everything is connected and dependent on each other.

At the same time, realize that besides what you see and the media distributes, there are small ”unimportant” countries where it is even worse but you are not concerned about these places.
That is what we mean by neutrality. That is what we mean by telling you to listen to the news that you do not hear and shift your focus to a harmonious redistribution of power structures, It is not only about local powers, it is about power between the continents, religions and the material power.up

More and more, the Army is being used for humanitarian purposes

We do have a cute focus for you which can help you to look with pleasure at this time of great renewal. We have said it a few times already. The army will be increasingly used for humanitarian purposes and no longer to defend powers or conquer land or to suppress.
Again you have noticed it. A big show of force of tanks and weapons, which could  have inflicted great damages, creating a buffer, a kind of neutral zone for both sides, for all sides. Dear ones, please realize this great renewal and happiness for a new time, however, it is only a beginning. Yet a beginning of redistribution.

Big adjustments because of lack of new energy sources

Years ago we were asked: “ There must be other possibilities to create energy other than  from fossil fuels”? and we answered, of course, but the world is not ready for this yet!
It would create chaos. This is an example of it. Fossil fuels help maintain a certain hierarchy within the world power structure.
However, slowly but surely humanity will be ready for new energy sources, and before you know it, even greater power changes will occur.
It is possible that countries that are now totally unimportant and are left alone so to speak, will suddenly become very important.
Humanity and the world structure need to be ready for this.
Be aware that there will be large rearrangements, whether you like it or not.
You will see it. Do not go along with the
waves of fear.up

Short term or Long term?

Short term profit can lead to long term losses. Short term power can lead to powerlessness in the long term. What is important is to find a balance: short term decisions for long term results. But yes, what will be the result of long term decisions
if there is an uncertain future.?
On what do you have to base these long term decisions? The climate, the financial crisis, nature, food sources, water, energy resources?
Everything is becoming obscured and humanity is forced to be flexible.

Natural powers suddenly play a roll as well

Humanity is forced to be considered with the powers of nature which will start to play an intense role, whether humanity likes it or not.
Magnetic fields, currents around and in Earth, currents in the water, all are changing with all its consequences.up

Old cultures have a different sense of time and a different timeline

At the same time, you can observe that the interest in old cultures is getting intenser and greater.  Some power spots will increase in power while other power spots will decrease in power.
If you look back at how these power spots were created, and which power they derived from human thinking, you will discover that a much higher entity is at work here.

pyramids EgyptLet’s go back to Egypt. The pyramids, impressive to watch, have been there for ages, as prove of an old culture.
Humanity discovered that they are an embodiment of a certain sign of the zodiac.

Locally, on a small scale, this is true, but do realize that the pyramid story is not limited to Egypt. In the world, below the water, below rocks and sand, many pyramid forms could be detected when certain scan equipment would be available.
If humanity could find these pyramids, it could be proven that it is not just about the small zodiac, but about a much larger entity to balance powers and forces. And who knows, you may rediscover this some day.

When they were built,  - and know that there are pyramids which are much older than the ones in Egypt- you could discover that humanity in those days was capable of observing large structures and look ahead with a long-time perception.
They were able to take steps which in effect, would only be necessary in 100 years.

You can imagine how different the sense of time and timeline of these cultures must have been.

If you look at the present – with its computers and measuring equipment –
Humanity is hardly capable predicting what the weather will be in 6 months.
Realize how poor you have become being dependent on measuring equipment to prove certain sciences. At the same time, more advanced equipment is being developed, and which can make more long term calculations. If humanity can develop such measuring equipment for long term information over a long time period, then humanity should be capable to take different decisions.

Even then, if you look at the distribution of power and self interest, would humanity do it?  Probably not.up

The prosperity of one country should not
be at the expense of poverty in another country

Therefore, leaders with a long term vision for Earth are needed, for all of Earth, to reflect and preach this vision. This vision must be advantageous for the people serving this leader. However, at the same time, it must be advantageous for all other parts of the world. That is not so easy, but it will get there, step by step.

Therefore if you experience waves of fear, if you are touched by the news, by a country you feel connected with, or by a people, or by people close by, feel your emotion, your fear, your powerlessness, your rebellion and accept that you have an opinion and then shift your focus to the totality, to the redistribution of the power structures, structures which serve and support each other
and to freedom of being, but not at the expense of others.
Prosperity may not be achieved at the expense of poverty in another country.

They need to support one another, providing profitability for both and whereby both experience a feeling of having  contributed to a larger totality bringing harmony for Humanity, Nature and Earth.


Dear Oth, Lately, to the surprise of many, in various places in the world,
large numbers of birds fell from the sky. You already talked about the changes
of magnetic fields and air flows. Is there a connection and if so can you give
us some  additional information?

Yes and no!  Once we mentioned a ZERO point and that there are various such points.
This, dear ones, also points to a redistribution of forces. You are aware of the Bermuda Triangle. This creates a type of vacuum in airflows and as a result they change direction. That is necessary. It is a type of  a round about creating side roads and deviations.

We also talked about crystals which travel through Earth via newly placed guide lines, which change the currents in the Earth.
This always happens at the same time with new directions of the planets in the Universe and realize that there are many planets, Galaxies and whatever names you can come up with, that are changing direction in the Universe.
Al these galaxies, planets and systems connect with the guide lines and crystals in the Earth.
Each shift in the Universe – that is the beginning – creates another shift in the subtle layers of Earth.

As a result of these shifts, every now and then, short circuits in the networks are being created.
These short circuits produce an upward type of vacuum signal, fish loose their sonar system and birds, defying gravity and floating through the air, also loose their sonar and loose direction.

It is a  double disruption happening at the same time. They loose direction, the navigation system fails and a temporary – we stress temporary – vacuum in gravity occurs. That is how they fall down. Sooner or later this may also have consequences for air traffic, which also depends on navigation systems, etc;
Network, and satellite communications which suddenly fail and then just as sudden reconnect  again.

All this as a result of what happens in the Earth and in distant layers outside Earth. It cannot be prevented.
Referring to the measuring equipment we talked about, it probably can be measured, if such equipment could be developed, or if old spirits come to life again, they would be able to forecast it exactly.
Unfortunately, this does not help the birds, as they are dependent on morphogenetic fields.
But people could make different connections.


Dear Atha and Oth, Will it be good to educate children in neutrality?
Would this be possible and would it be good for them?

Whether it is good is one thing. But it is not possible as children need lessons from society. What are barriers and what comes easy. They have to build their own identity through experience.
If you continue to emphasize that they be neutral, there will be a possibility that they will not have an opinion. They need to learn and experience what an own opinion is,
what the consequences are, and experience multiple opinions.
When children are in a position to experience multiple experiences, then they will have more choices. And that would be fantastic.
But look what happens in many situations, the value and norm system in a village, of a religion, a family, in school, etc, forces children to arm themselves against these conflicting opinions which goes against their
own opinion and values.
They will then have to break down their armour to discover their own truth.
Therefore, the  most valuable present you can give your children, is to teach them many different  points of view, norm and value systems and to accept their values seriously, but at the same time teach and explain that society, or school or community uses a different value and norm system.

If the child wants to survive in this society, he/she needs to behave in accordance with these norms and values,  but at the same time
live his own values in his own environment.

It would be an enormous step forward to accept and respect their truth and values while simultaneously emphasize the rules as established by society.


Feel the great love and support of Oth, Atha and all the others.



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