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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fift dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fourth dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Power in Balance

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
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Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Times of change

New Year's message 2012-2013
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

december 9 2012, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

New Year's message 2012 - 2013
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Good afternoon all of you present here. welcome to this ‘meeting’, as we will call it. It is an important message to you present, but even more to the thousands who will read this and may find encouragement and confidence from it. Because the biggest problem at the moment is confidence – better: the lack of confidence: distrust. The twelfth month in 2012 is a few days old already and still there are no signs that the world will end. The world keeps turning, the world goes on. But what do you mean, the world? Do you mean the world, the economy? Do you mean the world, the people, nature, planet Earth? Imagine that the Earth would just disappear, what would happen to the sun, the moon and the planets that are, together with the Earth, neatly kept in orbit by magnetic fields? That would also result in a great disorder. We will therefore talk about the so great, now famous Mayan calendar. Because many ominous messages are based on the Mayan calendar.

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Oth-channeling door Ellen Rauh
June 24 2012, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

Shift of power

Dear people, there is a lot going on at an energetic level. There is a big preparation going on at an energetic level, because great power shifts are at hand. In order to let this happen as effortlessly and harmoniously as possible, there is - invisible to many -  a lot astern behind the scenes. Great powers, actually only a few in numbers, dominate the world economy and many things that relate to Earth. There’s already unrest in many places on Earth. People liberate themselves from all kinds of suppression.

For what is power? Power is only possible if people are dependent on your institution, your power. Many people depend on - whether they like it or not - energy, money or on a certain belief. But nevertheless, in many parts of the world people still depend on people who propagate a particular religion. These are all powers, fragmented forces, which often contradict with each other. This creates conflicts of interest. One power institute suppresses the other. Often is asked: does it have to be like this? And we say no, of course it doesn’t have to be like this and changes are coming, but not as you would imagine. Many forces are crumbling. Powers are undermined. But imagine that some great powers no longer are there and there is no alternative, then an even bigger chaos would arise. For many people seek dependence, dependence on anything or anyone who knows anything about what he or she can or cannot do. This creates unity, because you need each other. Look at Ellen, who is sitting here channelling. Without your presence, the message would possibly not come out, as it currently does. So she needs you and you yourselves can benefit from the message. And then another kind of hierarchy and solidarity is created; solidarity because interests serve and need each other.

Now if you look around, you see that many powers are being fragmented, being shattered and, before you know it, there will be no more unity whatsoever: every man for himself, every man for his own interest and therefore not serving a higher interest anymore.


What is happening now? A lot is going on. Power shifts are energetically already underway and the biggest fight being fought now, is energetic, invisible to the press, invisible to people who use their physical senses and rely on them. The big fight is invisible to many and what is happening? Certain powers - new powers –  are prepared as an alternative and are ready for taking higher positions if greater powers fall. For greater powers will fall, that's for sure. But from love, from harmony, it’s first ensured that an invisible alternative will be available as a Plan B that can act immediately. That is the greatest preparation that is going on right now, invisible to many. We ask you: have compassion with world leaders, have compassion with people who currently have much power. They might very well be the new pawns on the chessboard of the new age and, invisible to many, might secretly already be busy with Plan B. Many people of the new age are invisible, walk around incognito. Important healers, important natural scientists, important cosmonauts, important people who could implement new technologies in the world easily, still walk around anonymously. They do not expose them, but in fact their ideas are already downloaded and are almost ready. So, if a particular structure falls apart, these people are totally prepared to take their place. Without struggle. They will rise out of nowhere, become visible and present natural leadership.

Many people, who are tossed into chaos at that time, losing their compass, losing their foundation, losing their securities and safeties, will be thankful for being dependent on certain people who present solutions, very simple solutions, that are ‘downloaded’ so to speak; solutions that are created from a new way of thinking, from a different consciousness.
Everything will be specially fragmented and will also serve a bigger goal, serve a higher purpose, serve a larger society and it becomes a win-win, it becomes all together for the whole Earth, it becomes all together for all religions, all together for all philosophies, all together for a new science called ‘energy’. It will not be called ‘energy’ but it will be based on that which is invisible to many but creates chaos at this moment. And it might very well be that all fear scenarios, based on the old way of thinking, on the old power structures, will not come true. A greater well-being might rise out of the blue. If you replace prosperity/wealth by well-being, many people will come out ‘richer’ from everything what you call ‘crisis’. Whatever is cancelled, wasn’t needed anyway and was based on the old way of thinking, was based on old power structures. So, if shifts are taking place, if fragmentations are taking place: smile, these are the signals of the new age dawning and that the new binding factor  - several new binding factors -  will become visible and a new balance of power will be formed. Alas to the weapon industry a new fight will be fought. Weapons won’t have much power any longer nor get the power they used to have. Many people  - and it’s already happening -  are not impressed by weaponry anymore.

People want to liberate themselves from just any suppression and stand up in large numbers, face the battle with great courage from a sort of peaceful protest. But old powers are still based on weapons and need weapons to win the battle. The new battle, however, can’t be fought with weapons.  So, before you know it, weapons become useless and the technology intended for weapons, will be used for other purposes. Know that this will be huge transformation in many countries. And know that it’s on its way. If you hear bits and pieces of this in the news, be thankful. These are the signals that the shifting of powers becomes visible little by little. Better still is for all institutes and people, who believe they have the power, continue to believe they do for a while. The longer they believe this, the more time there is for the new to grow protectively such that when it comes out in the open, it will be strong and can withstand resistance. 


Is this new age actually coming?

“A lot is happening but I have the feeling I am in some sort of deadlock?”

This is an important question to many. The whole message was dedicated to this. A lot is happening. Supposedly nothing fundamentally is changing. That what is really happening, isn’t visible to many but is so much more important than what is indeed visible.  Many people are preparing themselves. Many people are getting ready to step out of the anonymity and to present their capabilities and what they are good at.

People walking around anonymously are very uncertain, often have a low self-esteem because what they are capable of has never been confirmed and therefore haven’t been able to develop self-esteem in that. But something inside those people impels and pushes them and keeps on going and that’s precisely what’s needed. All those who are floating around without a direction, are like: “when is it finally going to happen? When is the new age really coming? When can I finally do what I actually want to do, even though I have no clue yet what that might be?”  
All this confusion is based on an ‘inner knowing’. From deep inside your very being you know an age is coming that matters to you and many people or animals will depend on you. Because you can use certain forces with some sort of power whereby those people become dependent on you. All those people are in a waiting-mode. All those people start to wonder: “is this new age really coming? Would it really be true? Am I right listening to that inner voice? Aren’t I fooling myself? Aren’t I day-dreaming?”
It’s all true and let us say: do keep on day-dreaming. You can’t imagine what you’re going to do anyway. You will only know once plan B or plan C is executed. Then you are the ones who are to move. So to make perfectly clear: Plan A is first to fail before setting Plan B or Plan C into motion. When looking at the renewal from this angle, you’ll see and observe that everything is right on track.
All those people are getting sick and tired of themselves, in a way, because they are still not doing of which they vaguely know they could be capable of  - this power can’t be used yet, it’s still getting ready and can’t be used, because by not using it, it can be encapsulated, so to speak, and be protected and it can grow and will potentially increase and when the time is right, it’s unstoppable. At this time you are absorbing energy, as it were.

You suppress this energy which can wear you out. But it’s all needed because when the time is right, this energy will have increased so much in power, that it can’t be stopped and will surface like a volcanic eruption. You will scare yourself, unaware of you having so much power, unaware of you being capable of these achievements. So lady, congratulations! Save yourself. We are grateful for your question to be raised. Take good care of yourself because the new age needs you.


Let go of the doom scenario that the end is near

“Could you say more about the timeframe with respect to the ending of the old age, the dawning of the new age and the period of chaos that lays in between?”

The period of chaos has been going on for some time already and at the same time the new age is presenting itself. Let go of the idea that the new age arrives with a big bang. Let go of the doom scenario. Hit the delete button, so to speak. We’ve informed you about the current preparations to get Plan B and eventually plan C on the road.  Plan A will disappear. That’s the old age and those are power structures that will crumble little by little. That’s what is going on. How much time is needed, depends on where you are and what is keeping you alive. Do realise that the old age is already ended to many people but to the majority the old age is still completely alive. It can’t be explained in your concept of time. In the universe, time doesn’t exist, only waves of evolution. In fact, everything happens at the same time. The big revolution  - where you are really referring to -  is happening as we speak and involves a broader consciousness people can start to use.

To many this is not a gift. They will find this unpleasant while some else is jumping for joy. Yes, we can finally reveal those elements and start using them. For those who aren’t happy with it, the new age will be the end of an age; for those, capable and wanting to use a broader consciousness, the joy will be enormous. So let go of the doom scenario that it’s the end. There is no end; there is evolution. For all new beginnings the ending of something is required. Just like in nature.  So, whom are you going to join? The losers or the victors?
’s up to you. We’d like to advise you to not have the fear guide you. The fact you are present here, already implies you’re part of the victors. We’d like to clearly state victors and pull it out of duality. Because opposed to victors are losers. Many present here have lost many times, they are trained to start all over again. They are trained to deal with losses to eventually start something new. So unfortunately, a loss is required to start something new but many of you know this already. Looking back at your life, many will realise and admit that it didn’t mean getting from bad to worse. Usually quite the opposite. So do not let the fear scenario that a lot can be lost guide you. There is much to lose and much I lost. At the same time and again let us say: at the same time there is so much to gain! All the new elements are only possible when the old has disappeared. The choice is yours. And because we’re in a transitional period, everyone is on both the losers and victors sides. But be aware and try to be disciplined, in times of darkness, to refocus regularly. Water your daydreams, even though you don’t know what they are. Seek happiness and the joy inside you, rides those waves and realise this is present at the same time.  

It’s your biggest asset to invent, know and to learn techniques that help you to regularly refocus on your inner being, the Nothing and the All  - joy, peace, happiness and silence -  a place nothing or no one can disturb you.  Because you are that place. You’re not someone else and you’re not what surrounds you. But before you know it, you’re too connected to everyone and everything around you that you lose yourself. So, it’s very important to really go inside yourself regularly, which is the Nothing. Everything surrounding you is of no importance. It only distracts you. You are the Nothing inside you. You and you alone. We’d like to advise each and every one of you to take some time for you and yourself.
And experience the rest, the power, the patience, the peace, the joy, the love which is the All and can be possibly taken away by others. You don’t need others in order to experience this. However, the more you’re able to experience this inside you, the quicker you’ll recognise the people with the same interest to share this feeling. And that is unity.

Dear people, we’d like to call it a day. Enjoy the summer and if it rains.
Enjoy sitting inside and if the weather is nice, be happy with the nice weather. Don’t rely on weather forecasts. Enjoy the moment and be flexible and try to experience a few moments of happiness and joy at least a couple of times a day.

Feel the great love and support from Oth, Atha and Era.


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