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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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Do not behave like only you are using Earth

We want to talk to you about respect in the broadest sense of the word. Planet Earth demands attention, and more. People have distanced themselves a bit from Earth. It is all about men,  and Earth is there to be used. However, Earth asks for more attention. If you reflect on old cultures- we mean very old cultures – you will see that Earth has always played an important role. Even a god had been created to worship and thanked for all eventualities.
These old cultures comprised of plants, animals, metals, mountains. But men moved away from Earth and we would ask you to renew your contact with planet Earth, but not by sending energy only. That would be too easy. Because men have the direction and their believes coupled to people and connections through people. We don’t ask you to make idols of animals and trees again. No, we ask you to show respect. They too live on this planet. Do not behave like only you are using Earth.

Also, show respect for water, which is a necessity and which demands so much attention now, and more. But what kind of attention does water get? Mostly negative and destructive attention. When disasters take place concerning water that does not create disasters, we ask you to treat this water with love, but above all with respect. After all, water is part of Earth.up

The same thing holds true with the element of wind. How is your bond of respect in connection to the air. You can talk about exhaust fumes and CO2 and anything else you can come up with, but that has nothing to do with respect for air. If there is a summer breeze, or if you walk into the wind, show respect for the wind, feel the wind and be happy with it.

The element of fire plays a roll as well. Warmth and fire are a necessity for many. How is your bond with fire? Fire destroys more and more, and again it gets negative attention. Give positive attention to fire, respect and   gratitude that it exists, that it has been created and that it can be used.

And then we have the subject matter, the Earth mass. Once, mountains and craters were created. Earth’s forces can move mountains, mass, Earth mass.
Earth mass – much used in concrete, stone and so on – but you take all this for granted. At times show some respect for the mass called Earth. Then you contribute to the transition of the new times. Because a new era is coming. People will again be part of the total planet Earth, not only as users, but as a bonding factor. To be Earth together, not being on Earth.

Mosquitoes and humans have something in common?

What do you have to offer Earth? Look around. Let the birds, trees and nature teach you and realize that you are part of nature.
Surely there are animals with which you do not have a good bond. For example, there are few people who like mosquitoes. As a result these mosquitoes get negative attention. And rightfully so, as they can be very irritating. But you can be too. If you realize how irritating mosquitoes can be you may ask yourself how often you are irritating planet Earth and then shift your focus to the world of mosquitoes, how do they live, would you like to be one? How does a mosquito function? Perhaps then you can show some respect that there is a mosquito.up

Start to communicate, start to show respect for animals. If you have flowers in the house, treat them with love. If you see a beautiful tree, just give it a compliment for being there and being beautiful. Scatter compliments around. Have a closer look and see how beautiful Earth is and that you may sojourn on this wonderful planet. The emphasis is not on loving Earth energetically, but the emphasis should be on showing respect for all that forms Earth and realize that you are just inhabitants by coincidence of this planet Earth.
Know that the plants, animals, minerals, water and air already existed long before you came along. Therefore show respect. If you make this your life goal, it can make a difference in the balance of negative attention that Earth receives now as a result of all the negative news. If you use Earth, show respect, that is the least you can give back.

People want to liberate themselves, but nature will set itself free also

Suppression is noticeable everywhere. People want to liberate themselves, but nature will set itself free also. Because Earth is being massively suppressed by people. If you worry about fights, war, suppression, you know that it is part of a revolution which also implies that you as humans by nature are suppressors, however bad this may sound to you.
The only thing you can do about it, is to be conscious of planet Earth in its totality and not to become a suppressor who treats the interests and wishes of planet Earth without respect.


Allow Nature’s beauty to coerce respect

Dear Oth: You were talking about respect.
Unfortunately, respect often has to be coerced.
In the Western World, they even say that it has to be earned.

Yes, how would you like nature to demand this respect? Nature is in full swing showing its power and people seem to be surprised about the wind forces, the incredible power of water, powerful volcanoes. That is what nature does to coerce respect. We would like to say; make sure that nature does not need to coerce respect. Because at the very moment when you show respect coerced by nature, you force nature to emit ever stronger signals.

So, in other words, do it normally so that nature is not obliged to show her power. Respect has nothing to do with power. Respect is love, love for what is. You confuse respect with authority, No, do not accept hierarchy, accept that Earth is much more powerful than people can imagine. Therefore show respect for nature and the planet. And if you are open to this and your goal is to show respect for nature, nature will invite you lovingly and you will be surprised about the enormous beauty and power of nature, without it becoming a contest. You can enjoy yourself and watch with astonishment at the enormous power of water at waterfalls. That is the power of water. You can walk along the beach when it storms and feel the power of the wind. You can look at the mountains and be impressed by them. At that moment you are impressed by the enormous powers of nature and that demands respect.

Allow beauty to coerce respect without the need for contest.

Feel the all encompassing love of Oth and the others
Feel the all encompassing love of Atha and the others
Feel a loving shower of love and support.

Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
May 1, 2011, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

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