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Safety and freedom
New Year’s Message

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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New Year's message 2016-2017
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

December 18, 2016, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

Safety and freedom

We would like to discuss freedom and security.

First and foremost: The perfect freedom does not exist. The perfect safety does not exist. Freedom is depending on a certain community. The one freedom that truly exists, as described in the latest book, is ‘freedom of thinking’. You may think whatever you like, you’re only not to express it just everywhere  -  but thinking is safe, thinking is free.

Read more about 'Freedom of thinking' in the book: The fifth dimension, the dimension of innovative ideas >>

On the other hand, the moment people are able to strongly focus energetically, they can cause a lot of damage and introduce insecurities with their thinking alone. You can limit people in their safety with your focused thinking. Old cultures applied this.

The Internet

In today’s modern world this is also applied; safely and anonymously express what you’re thinking at that moment, because it’s free to think whatever you like, but also express it. This expressing can cause a lot of damage and pain. We’re only talking about words here.

But what do you think about the internet, the internet which could mean ‘freedom’?

Everyone has access to knowledge. Everyone, even in poor countries, has gotten the fundamental right, in a way, to have contact through the internet, via a mobile phone, to access other ways of thinking and thus to be free.

All these people who feel safe because of their mobile phone are very vulnerable. Since they use their freedom unlimitedly, they do not notice the invisible enemy. They feel so safe, so free that they do not take the invisible enemy into account.

Mobile traffic, social media, has become invisible contact. The moment you connect yourself with an invisible contact and regard the anonymity as safe, the thread is also anonymous. That is the polarity. To what extend do you want to express your truth anonymously? If it happens often and you use it a lot and that makes you feel very safe and connected to the rest of the whole world, the thread is also anonymous and can come from all corners of the world too. Do realize with whom you connect yourself.

Do you connect with a person? Do you connect with an organization? Do you connect with a network?

Whatever you connect yourself with, secure yourself. When you’re using something invisible, something anonymous, you can be threatened by something anonymous.

Many people – very many people -  feel a certain latent fear, an invisible but certainly a present fear, something that limits their safety, something that makes them afraid. What makes them afraid? All facts that were mentioned, are only small aspects.  Because it can come from just anywhere. So, the theme for next year is: Safety and Security.

Safety as condition for Freedom

You can only feel free and feel safe to express yourself when it’s safe for you. If you’re only talking about freedom and don’t care about safety, you’ll experience a latent fear because it’s naïve to think you’re free.

Freedom will always be depending on safety. A child can only develop itself freely in a safe surrounding. People can express emotions but only on a safe ground. Safety is an essential condition to feel free. In that order.
Freedom without safety, so without taking safety into account, will eventually turn into oppression and lack of security.
Therefore, it is very important for everybody to use all your sensors you have and if it does not feel safe, though you can’t explain, accept it isn’t safe and act on this.

If a certain situation doesn’t feel safe, cloak yourself. Dim yourself and try to act low profile. This helps. If you cloak and dim yourself and are not only busy with your own safety, you’ll feel more safe.
However, if there are circumstances you feel completely safe, you can express your feelings in all freedom, show your emotions and share what you might be thinking, seeing or know.

Many times, we spoke about how important like-minded people are. Like-minded people provide a safety netting. You can be who you are, whatever you are at that moment. By that, you are safe and free to ventilate whatever you feel like ventilating.

More and more statistics are not correct any longer. The fundamental safety of people is affected.

The media overflows you with threads and images of fear of which you should be afraid of. At the same time, they are talking about freedom, freedom to be who you are.

Regard freedom as wealth and don't take it for granted

Dear people, freedom is a wealth. Feel freedom as a wealth and do not take it for granted.

Seek freedom in area’s that feel safe for you. And that can be at home, that can be at a club, that can be at meetings. But do know it’s not for granted. Experience it and be thankful for it.

Fill each and every cell of your body with this feeling to be totally the person you want to be and realize that you’re free for a moment, free to be who you want to be at that moment.

Freedom is always to be connected to the moment. It’s not a certainty that you will be that everywhere. It depends on a safe surrounding. What’s safe for the one, can be unsafe for the other.

Community in diversity

Next year more and more small-scale communities will rise that won’t any longer go against all sort of ideas, communities and behavior, which they experience as limiting.

They start off – small -  something new, with new norms, new values, new behavioral codes, that serve the small community, provide safety for that community, so the people in this community, can be who they want to be, out of respect and out of like-mindedness.

But don’t let like-mindedness be dependent on old limitations, of old thinking patterns. Don’t let it be one belief. Don’t let it be one conviction. Don’t let it be one race.

Diversity in safety. Be free in diversity. This will prove to be an added value.

You enrich yourselves by being yourself, no matter where you come from, no matter what you believe but by being yourself.

A religious conviction can help you to be something but what matters is who you are and not by what you are what you are.

Your origin of a country might influence you who you are, it doesn’t matter what caused you to be who you are, but just who you are.

A large variation of all sort of tunes, a wide variety supplies of insights, of believes that, as if a new recipe, form a new menu card. All sorts of ingredients, seasoning, from several cultures.  A pinch of this religion and a pinch of that country and a drop of that culture. A new mix, a new recipe on which the ones present there thrive but could have an allergic reaction on others or could get digestive problems. But no one have to be present.

So also there again a clear border whereby a safe ground is provided for the ones who like to be there and who thrive there. In great numbers these communities will spring up like mushrooms and compose a new fundament and new boundaries.


The borders you now know were once devised from a safety perspective. These borders were guarded.

Nature has helped to regularly push borders, because the river course changed of because a natural disaster raised a new barrier and formed a wall, as it were, between two communities. This way the one community could blossom, as could the other.

Now, people will raise barriers  - energetically -  because certain rules, because certain norms and values, apply for that community.

Global laws, global rules and global agreements

Global laws, global rules and global agreements will prove to be fruitless more and more, because some communities will profit from it at the expense of other communities.

Global laws and rules do not exist and will turn out to be an utopia.

But how do you interact with each other while you can travel all over the world and are faced with all sorts of religions, cultures and climates?


The only way countries are connected with each other is nature and climate. You cannot state: ‘We preserve this climate in this country and that climate in that country’ because another control is effective.

Climate agreements by humans turn out to be worthless unfortunately. The only way to take care of the climate is to realize the climate cannot be influenced by humans. Regretfully, it has been tried way too many times at a higher level than you can think of. But there is a higher control that does not allow this.

So, have faith. Believe in climate. Believe in a higher control. Handle planet Earth carefully  - each of you in his/her own way -  which is your residence during your earthly life.

You can serve Earth for several reasons. And once you serve Earth, you will recognize the signals from Earth and whereby you might be able to in fact change the climate. Like the old Shamans could, not from personal interest but from a higher knowing, coach Earth in its line of evolution. This all to allow people and animals to feel free and thrive in all safety.

If you feel safe, you are free

Dear people, freedom and safety have many aspects. Start with yourself. Enjoy all moments where you experience all aspects of freedom and safety to the fullest and know these two are always related to each other.

People who suffer from oppression and whom don’t feel safe and have the slogan “I’m for freedom!”; we would like to say to these people; swap that slogan for “I’m for safety” and then you will feel yourself free automatically. Let safety be more important than freedom because when you feel safe, you are free.

Feel the great love from Oth and his companions.                   




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