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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
december 15 2013, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

New Year’s Message 2013-2014

The strength of the Earth and you people on Earth

Good afternoon to you all.

All of you have a special connection with the Earth. Many of you have more of a connection  - so they think -  with the Universe.  And yet the emphasis is on the Earth.

We would like to talk with you about the Earth, the power of the Earth. And when we talk about the power of the Earth, many think about natural disasters: water, wind, fire, earth quakes. These are the moments man feels small; small in comparison to the enormous power and force of the elements of the Earth. These are elements of the Earth, but this is not the Earth itself. Each human being  - you individually -  also possess certain powers, each in his own specific way. But this does not imply this is you. No, this is not you. Then, what are you?

Who inspires you? Who propels you? Who or what? Is it your faith? Is it the power of your character? What is the force that propels you? What is the power of the Earth?

This is all depending on magnetism. Magnetism, magnetic fields that either repulse or attract each other. And just imagine something is repulsed, then this is a pulsating movement of repulsing and attracting. The entire universe is like it is by this operation of attracting and repulsing. By this the orbits of the planets are created and keeps everything in place.  The Earth could not exist without these fields. Water wouldn’t exist without the influence of the moon which makes the water move by magnetic operation. This is a force outside the Earth that makes water exist. But that's not the power of the Earth.

We wouldn’t like to call the power of the Earth a power but a germination. It’s just a word, but a word that, in our opinion, answers the most to where it comes down to.  Take a look at a germ when it germinates.  For example: a flower bulb you put in the ground is programmed and when the time is right, a stalk rises through the Earth’s crust with an enormous force. Where does this power come from? This is the power we would like to talk about.

The Earth is the core source of the germination that feeds and propels you. Each of you carry many germs. And the moment the time or season is right, this germ will grow and become visible because the time is right.  Not any sooner, not any later. It’s programmed, so to speak. Each of you here present is still carrying germs that are asleep, waiting for the time to become right to germinate. And then no one or nothing is able to stop that. This is a sort of core power: germination, depending on the right moment. If you were to force this, you’d get a weak plant. So, if you were to force the germs inside because you so want for them to surface, you’d weaken the product or manifestation. Fortunately, it is programmed from the Universe and the Earth. Yes indeed, also from the Earth, because everything you will accomplish, remains on Earth. So it’s very important to the Earth that important germs are protected, so they will surface at the right moment because the breeding ground is perfect and by this have a bigger effect on the Earth. The Earth is participating more and more.

Everyone of you here present has been on Earth before in times of revolution and change. Why? We can inform you: because you are able to bring out old seeds as new.  Because everything that appears new, is in fact not new. Nothing is new.  It’s old wine brought out in new bottles because it’s then useable in the new age.  What kind of news could you, here present, bring out what is indeed important to the Earth, which could inspire people and which can help to make people feel good? And we’re not talking about people. More and more place on Earth require changes. The right people will either roam around these places either physically or energetically. This way dormant power spots will awaken to yourself and others. This will happen more often, knowingly or unknowingly. Because we already said so: everything is magnetism. When you’re staying at a place on Earth that is resonating with the specific seeds you’re carrying, you will root there and then, as a figure of speech, it doesn’t matter what you eat, what the air is like or what the quality of the water is like. The magnetism of that place gives you the precise fertile ground to germinate. Once germinated, that place will never be the same but instead it’ll be a fertile ground for people carrying the same specific seeds. And so a new unity is formed by itself, a unity of people carrying seeds, who feed each other, and a certain energetic flora and fauna arises where everyone is feeling good. But it is no one’s.  No one can claim: this is mine.

When you look at Earth from a great distance, look at your globe at this moment, you will see that there are certain hot spots. From a distance these are ulcers, so to speak. These are festering boils on Earth that require healing. Hot spots attract people who benefit from them. This too is magnetism. If you look at Earth like this, you see battle hot spots, battle for ideologies and so forth. And this because people claim an ideology. “It’s ours. We are important and everything at this place is ours.” No, my dear people, it’s a cleansing. These spots attract all kinds of people who are willing to fight for an ideology. Our strongest advice is consequently: don’t become a fighter for an ideology whatsoever. Be your own seed and seek unity. Don’t go living at places that stimulate battle. Go live and stay at places that radiate tranquility and unity. And believe us, even battle is unity.  Allow for the Earth to cleans itself. Allow for the Earth to regain spots to battle and don’t try to eliminate this battle. You might say: “Yes right, are we to allow this all like this?”. Dear people, this will happen by itself. A revolution will happen by itself. There will always be people who have chosen to spread brotherhood and unity in these parts. So, leave it to the big plan. Do what you can do yourself. And try  - try -  not to be judgmental about anyone who is doing things wrong in your eyes. Since the opinion you have about them, they have about you and that is battle. If everyone can respect each other’s values, there’s nothing left to fight for. This sounds like a doom scenario, but dear people, all of you here are seeds of unity. Find people, find spots where you feel comfortable with, where you’re recognized, respected, noticed and heard and where you feel welcome, where you think you can add something. The more you do this knowingly, the more spots you will create where this will arise. You can do this yourselves. Let these dormant seeds wake up and grow on the right fertile ground.

We would like to clarify all those names: Oth, Atha, Era and all of a sudden Allen.
What is this all about? Who is at the other end of the line? We would like to clarify this. The main connection is Oth. That’s the downlink enabling Ellen to express the knowledge known by us in wording.
Atha adds thin stardust, information too, father from the Earth, with a lot of humour and playfulness. This knowledge comes from an atmosphere where there’s no limitation whatsoever opposed to the limitation mankind experiences. This can give you a cheerful boost and it could make you realize how limited you are in fact.  On the other hand more and more people become more powerful and limits are lifted like snow in the summer. More and more miracles on an energetic level happen.  Atha exceeds limits with a very light energy. Then there was contact with Era. Era is the connection with Earth’s consciousness as a result of which more messages will be about Earth: universal knowledge linked to practical applications. Now Allen was added to this. This is unlimited. Hence why it’s so hard to label it and that precisely the intention. We don’t want to name it, it would only limit it. Like the Oth-symbol it is unlimited; each and everyone can give his own interpretation to it and all symbols are stored in it.

Dear people, we wanted to inform you. We, Ellen and you yourselves start a total new phase in 2014. Let go of what it will be, let yourselves be surprised. One thing is sure  - very sure -  the book of the Earth, the power of the Earth, the layers of the Earth will be presented in 2014. And we hope to see you all back for a reading of this book. This will happen, we promise you that. Let go when, let go how but it will happen to you this calendar year.

Feel the great love, feel our great respect, feel the support en feel the gratitude from Oth, Atha, Era and all the others, Allen.


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