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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fift dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fourth dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Power in Balance

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Discover your own influence

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Times of change

Ellen Rauh

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I would like to be a guide for those who feel temporarily lost. To show you how to find a possible solution to a problem. To help you to discover your true self, to find your real qualities.

It's life itself which taught me. Indeed, Life shows you all the opportunities and situations to discover who you really are. It shows you how to distinguish between what is genuine and what is not. It is only your real self that can recognize and make that distinction. I can only share what I experienced, and as I continue to learn each day, the passing on of my knowledge constantly evolves. As I change, each lecture will therefore be different - although the basic message always remains the same. I do believe that everyone is always at the right place and at the right time for a purpose, to discover and experience the signs which lead to your inner self.

Channeling has been a growth process for me. After a series of tough tests and afflictions, I now experience it as access to an enormous cosmic internet.

My guide Oth asked me to give up control. I learned that the only knowledge to be passed on is the one which is latently present and therefore not totally new to me. This dormant knowledge is activated through channeling and becomes mine. I can channel Oth only if I give up control, and the messages that Oth passes on through me, can not be influenced by me. I have learned to trust my guides. But, at the same time I learned that I am responsible for my own life and for everything I disperse as a human being.

BOOKS  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh has been channeling Oth for more than ten years.
“Channeling was a growth process for me. After much testing I now experience it as the gateway to an enormous cosmic Internet.”

The fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is about Nothingness.
Only when we reside in Nothingness, we can be inspired by the fifth dimension. Another major topic of this book is accepting yourself and your limitations. By being human, you are connected to the first, second and third dimension. This is thoroughly explained in this book. 
When you understand this, you can reach the higher dimensions via the fourth dimension – via Nothingness. By looking at everything from a broader perspective, you will judge less and you will be more able to love yourself as you are. These dimensions also exist as layers in and around the Earth. They influence all life on Earth.
I find this topic very interesting and informative. It is my wish to pass this information on in the pure form it was channeled through me.  order the book >>

Discover your own influence

What influences you and what influence do you have?
Influence in your life starts at the moment of conception. When the reproductive cells fuse, you are connected with the blood lines and family patters of your parents. You are influenced by family patterns and the norms and values of the society in which you grow up. Some patterns are a part of you and others you have adopted out of habit. During your life you adapt yourself to situations or you oppose them to discover your personal truth. No matter what you do, you influence your environment. You energetically radiate your codes, which magnetically attract people and situations that confirm these convictions. When you start to realise this, you can either accept them or change them. This way, you develop various languages during your life, depending on your environment: a verbal language, a body language and an energetic language. A lot of babel arises from using the wrong language. Your self-esteem raises when more personal qualities are allowed to take part: in your interpersonal relationships, your work or in your free time. When your self-esteem reflects your personal truth, the need to convince others will disappear. You will be able to accept that others have their personal truth too, which will lead to more solidarity. This way, everybody can contribute to the whole.  order the book >>

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