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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
June 9, 2011, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

Be number 11 in the chaos

Ben een 11 in de chaosEconomy should serve humanity
but often it is the other way around

Good evening, dear ones. We are grateful, we are happy with the possibility to spread the message which will give you now for the first time and later to many of you something to hold on to. Because it is going to be a turbulent month for many, but for others it will not. We hope you will be part of the latter group. Not by saying that in this chaos and during this storm you will stay balanced and keep your focus. That can only happen by focusing on yourself.

Chaos in the world is chaos in the world, and not in you. Chaos in your private life, is chaos in your life, but not in you. Try to find the balance, to observe this chaos and then the peace in yourself.
This may seem difficult, as you can become part of this chaos. Do know, however, that this will not be. You are only involved on the basis of human relations. A human relation or connection with the situation around you, or personal involvement caused by the chaos that surrounds you. But that is not who you are, but from time to time you are part of it. If you realize that you are now a part of an chaos episode, play that role gloriously but at intermission time, take a break, rest. Consider which roll you are playing in this chaos. Maybe you can be proud of yourself and discover qualities which you did not know you had before the outbreak of the chaos. This sounds serious, it sounds heavy: chaos. But is does not always have to be like this. Your world can be upside down, shaken by different events, also by good ones, which are actually too much for you. This too is chaos. It seems easier to connect yourself with this chaos. But no, you can also get lost here. Therefore try to stay focused on yourself. There is something that will be of help – and allow me to explain this to you.up

The number 11

Very simple: number 11. Two ones and that is you. When chaos surrounds you and you feel that you are getting connected, being part of this chaos, then temporarily become number 11. Two legs, two poles, Good and bad, black and white, receiving and giving.
The day of 2011, November 20, 2011 will be a glorious day to help you with fun and small tricks to go to 2012. Because it will be a fun year. It will be a playground with all kinds of slides which may look scary, but they can be a lot of fun too.

Ok, serious again now. Chaos, what is it?
Prepare yourself because chaos are things that will be magnified. You can handle a bit of irritation. You have been trained for that, however, when it is being enlarged, you may loose yourself, you are no longer yourself. Check your own pitfalls. What does not work? Use this as a form of training and know what your weak points are. This month, these are being offered to you on a serving tray. Use them for training and to return to the number 11.up

Magnification shows more details

Many items can be enlarged. Small disturbances can have major consequences, and larger disturbances can have small consequences. A multitude of information
is coming your way about reforms but also about chaos and the media will try to get your attention. Don’t let them trick you! Observe what the interruption is and then shift the focus to the balance in yourself. The advantage is that next month everything is enlarged, allowing you to observe  more details.

From a position of rest, many will clearly observe the disturbances which as a result of magnification become visible and which can have major consequences.

Later we will talk about the economy. You are being suppressed by the economy. The economy is a phenomenon created by Western civilization. But Western civilization is dying. Humanity will no longer be sacrificed for the economy. Economy should serve humanity, but often it is the other way around,  men is serving the economy. In the coming months, think about this and observe what is being enlarged and visible. We advise you not to get irritated about this. Observe and return to the number 11. There is a lot of restlessness and there will be more. Sensitive people do observe and feel this. If you make this restlessness your own, you are bonding with it. Do not get trapped to connect yourself with restlessness of any kind.up

Use your circulation regularly

We want to say something else. Many people experience that they are tired, exhausted and they do not really understand why. All kinds of reasons are being suggested. Why am I so tired, Why don’t I have any energy, why am I running on empty, am I doing something wrong?
Dear ones, you are not doing anything wrong. Many of you have a perfect energy level, but it does not circulate. It could be a misunderstanding for all who are aware of energies, subtle energies, that you are tired because you do not have energy, but that you are tired because the energy does not flow. But how can it circulate? Then comes the “what if’s”. If I will do this job, if I will do this or that, then I can circulate. This is not true, you can always flow.

We advise everyone to give it a try. Many of you are connected to higher energy supplies. Everyone, in case of an emergency, has a connection to get extra energy. These connections are ready but from time to time have to circulate. We advise you that when you feel tired, when your energy level is on “the back burner”: let it circulate, don’t let it depend on situations or people whether or not your energy can flow. Let it flow, let the energy go to the Earth and the Universe, it does not matter, but let it flow.  Flush the system, flush the drain, flush, flush, flush and flow. Before you know it, you are bubbling and sparkling again. You don’t need pills, you don’t need skills. You don’t need a bed. You don’t need anything. The only thing you need to do is to shift your focus to circulation and not to stagnation and static energy flow.
We like to advise you: Do give it a try.

I will send some extra energy, let it flow, let it light up, look at the illumination, it’s looks like a fair. All those lights glowing and shining. Feel how your skin tingles, feel it bubbling though your body. The great advantage of this energy circulation is that you now have a greater immunity of your aura. That can be very helpful with all the bacteria now visible as a result of enlargement. They were always there, but now are magnified. This is what we mean by magnification.

Therefore, regularly use your circulation, your extra supply of energy, to flow and to increase your field of immunity.up

Last time we spoke about respect for Nature.
Now we want to say, have respect for your unique self. Your own unique 11 and not to bond with what is around you. Practice what confuses you, practice what makes you tired and then open the faucet to circulate your own unique energy. The supply you get then, can be more than your unique energy. Each one of you and many others as well, have an extra connection when needed. You may and can use it, at any time. Practice, it will not harm you and by the time it can be harmful, you will know it.

In the coming month, we say, look for a star in the Universe, with which you feel connected and let the energy of this star flow through you, that will be your extra supply for when you are tired and have low energy, or when connected with the chaos around you.

Practice to observe the details. The enlargements allow you to see them clearly. Realize that these are details, and do not forget that you cannot overlook the essentials and main outlines. You can only see part of the truth, but in the coming month you will see more details.

We like to get back to the number 11.
Realize that the number 11 is the beginning of a new cycle. In fact, 10 is the conclusion of a cycle. 11 is the start of a new cycle. 1 thru 10, all these phases have carried through. 11 is a new phase. Therefore, again realize that 11 is a very powerful number. Two ones, two poles which allow you to balance in between. Therefore, try – because the fury about 2012 will increase – try to stay within 11, and only go to 12 when 12 is there. Practice to be an 11 in this time of enlargement. It is a stable number with two legs, allowing you to take your position on Earth wherever this may be.

We are going back to enlargement again. By enlarging situations, energies, you name it, details become clear. All disturbances, unbalances, disharmonies can be derived from one detail or various enlarged details.
Thus if something is being enlarged in your life or vicinity, or by the media, realize that the chaos is not greater. Know that it is a detail, one of many aspects of a larger entity.
This will help to go back to 11. Be aware that small disturbances can become enlarged and as a result large disturbances become irrelevant. It is a process to distract. Therefore, try it regularly – also in your private life – to get back to 11, to yourself as 11. You and yourself, you and your unique connection. You as a human being with a soul, you as a human being with a subtle energy connection.up

Sun flares

Dear Oth, Can you tell us something about sun flares and more in particular the sun flares of our sun and its effect on our Earth and on ourselves?

Yes, this effect is greater than expected. It is a magnification of discharging energy of your sun. Your sun is being utilized and used. Your sun is connected with the core of the Earth. The core of Earth is sun energy. As you know, there are explosions of this energy from the core of Earth. A magnetic field exists between the sun and the core of Earth.

Many volcano eruptions are a result of sun explosions. You may not have expected this, but it is true. This is magnetism. When a large amount of sun energy becomes available, it is like an enlargement of the sun.
This forces magnetic nuclear energy from the core of the Earth to the surface.

It is an enormous magnetic process between the sun and the heat of the Earth.

All this is necessary. Earth is evolving, Earth is brewing and begs for renewal. The Universe is cooperating. Earth is influencing the sun, more so than the sun influences Earth. If you could switch this around, you know that there are more planets such as Earth, all feeding of the sun, and the sun feeds of the pure energy of liquid heat in these planets.
The eruptions of the sun are very important for planet Earth, but also for the Universe.
It is an energy outlet which finds it way not only to Earth, but also to planets which you do not know yet. Be aware that the interaction between the Universe and Earth becomes more clear.

You are aware of the influence of the moon.
The influence of the sun is not seen in the same context, but it is just as important. The moon is magnetic and has an interaction with the moisture on Earth. The sun has a magnetic interaction with heat, the liquid heat from Earth. If you realize this and that a full moon effects your body moisture system, and your feelings, subtle feelings and observations, then you already have an inkling what the sun can do.

Your nuclear energy is being empowered. Something inside of you, the core of your being shows itself.
That is why we mentioned already that the coming month is so important. Because things that were hidden now become visible.
The sun flares are creating an upheaval for humanity. Especially those who are sensitive will note that something in themselves wants to come out.

It is difficult to put this into words, but it is a renewal. New qualities, new energies, new powers, which you potentially were carrying, are now being explored. That’s why it is so important to be an 11 at this time. Can you handle this power? Can you master it? Can you use it? Or does this power use you? You would burn. Your subtle energy system would be overdosed. Lightning would strike.
Know that something awaked in yourself, something that was invisible and now wants to come out.
The result will be that there will be many new inventions this year, simple inventions, easy to use – and not only economically. Next time, we will talk about this in more detail.

So sun eruptions have consequences. Yes, certainly, but since they are still invisible, we do not know yet what these consequences will be.
Be aware that it will be huge, Something inside of you has been touched. It is the core of your potential that has been activated and it will become visible.

video sun flare June 7 2011

more information:
Solar Dynamic Observatory

sun energy Earth

Full moon June 15

Is nutrition still nutrition?

Dear Oth, A lot is going on with nutrition. I assume that this is also one of the facets which will be enlarged and you were talking about. Can you add something specific?

We would like to say something specific about this. Nutrition, is it still nutrition. Does it still get respect, or is nutrition a product of men?

If nutrition becomes a product of men, then it can be manipulated by the people.
If nutrition is a product of Earth, then Earth will feed men.
But men distanced themselves from Earth. Men uses Earth, manipulates Earth and the nutrition, produced and distributed. Realize this: Everything that has to serve the economy and that has nothing to do with nutrition, is being manipulated, not because it is better for men, but better for the economy, can affect your health. Therefore because you too are Earth, everything you eat, manipulated by men, manipulates yourself as well.

Your immune system is being weakened by all this manipulated food. You can say:” There is nothing else to eat”, maybe so, but beware of the energy that is available to you.
If you eat food that men distributes, or you eat food of planet Earth, then you are grateful to Earth for this nutrition.
Then you are connected with your energy system to Earth and not to men. You are eating Earth and your self healing powers will be stronger. By connecting your nutrition to men, it only becomes weaker.

You can adjust – just like insects – to become immune, by connecting from your own humanity, with planet Earth. Therefore, when you eat, eat Earth. Show respect for Earth and then, everything you eat will be connected with Earth and your human immunity will be greater.

If more people are able to do this, more of them will be aware what is happening with nutrition that does not serve humanity but the economy – and if you have a choice to take food that is not mass produced, although that choice is not always available, but often it is, then choose products from Earth.

Don’t get tricked by marketing, don’t get tricked by the pressures of the economy. Don’t get tricked by information about what is healthy or not. You decide what is healthy or not. If healthy nutrition is not available, then eat the unhealthy food, but connect with gratitude to planet Earth. Try to eat food that has not been manipulated by men.

If you eat products that have been manipulated by men, direct your attention to Earth, then you don’t feed the people that engineered the food, but shift your focus to Earth, to the origin of the product.up

Use the number 11

Use your circulation regularly. Look at you being tired as a signal that it is time to circulate. That is good for your immunity, for your fields that surround you.
At the same time, be aware that a potential has been touched in yourself, that a special full moon is coming to shine on this potential and eliminate obstructions. Prepare yourself, start flowing with your unique energy, drain your obstructions and find your potential power, which you need for all the new things that surface and which will give you so much satisfaction to do.

Enjoy it, use number 11.
We look forward to come again next month with a another captivating message.

Feel the love of Oth et all and Atha et all
Another 11

Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
June 9, 2011, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

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