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Safety and freedom
New Year’s Message

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fift dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
The fourth dimension

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Power in Balance

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Discover your own influence

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
Times of change

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New Year's message 2016 - 2017

Saftey and freedom

The Internet

Safety as condition for Freedom

Regard freedom as wealth and don't take it for granted

Community in diversity


Global laws, global rules and global agreements


If you feel safe, you are free

The zika-virus

The Zika-virus: an attack on the fertility of mankind

Taste of own medicine

Immunity of mosquito's worth investigating

Wake-up call for mankind

Oppression and manipulation

Go cooperate!


New Year's message 2015 - 2016


The new age

Walk your talk

False sense of certainty

The importance of your well-being

If the top is based on the basics,
it to serves the basics

Universal Internet


New Year's message 2014 - 2015



New Year's message 2013 - 2014

The biggest fight is about religious beliefs

Be a guide


New Year's message 2012 - 2013

Shift of power

Is this new age actually coming?

Let go of the doom scenario that the end is near


New Year's message 2012

21st of December 2012 a remarkable turning point?

Reformation of educational systems
Who determines which knowledge is important?

Be number 11 in the chaos

Economy should serve humanity

The number 11

Magnification shows more details

Use your circulation regularly

Sun flares

Is nutrition still nutrition?

Use the number 11


Do not behave like only you are using Earth

Mosquitoes and humans have something in common?

People want to liberate themselves, but nature will set itself free also

Allow Nature’s beauty to coerce respect

Times of revolution

Towards a harmonious dedistribution of power structures

Everything is connected and dependent on one another

More and more, the Army is being used for humanitarian purposes

Big adjustments because of lack of new energy sources

Short term or Long term?

Natural powers suddenly play a roll as well

Old cultures have a different sense of time and a different timeline

The prosperity of one country should not be at the expense of poverty in another country

New Year's message 2011

When you lose your hold onto things, what will be left?

Child abuse touches people deeply as it  affects their basic sense of safety.

If you are not afraid of death, then you do not have to worry about surviving because what is survival?

Allow these children their anger- do not call it anger, call it rebellion.

Depression actually means” You cannot escape yourself”



Finding a balance in chaotic times

Do not consciously try to be an antidote to others

Use the energy of chaos to do useful activities

Do not send peace and quiet to natureBecome one with nature instead

Imbalance in water

Neutralising disruptive energies by allowing them to flow through useful activities

Big changes

About the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air


New Year's message 2009-2010

Tomorrow’s humanity

2010: A year of transition

Western civilization is coming to an end

The element air



New Year's message 2008-2009

We would drop the word ‘students'


New Year's message 2007-2008


New Year's message 2006-2007

Atoms in the body

The only security you have is Yourself

Navigate on Earth

Play your part with glory


New Year's message 2005-2006

Turbo Energy

The 5th dimension

Confusion in the Cosmos

Realize the power of the Earth

More vitality using different fuels

In touch with your complete soul


New Years' message 2004-2005


Love and hate

Embrace neutrality

Inauguration, of the planet Earth
through the great pyramid of GIZEH

Go back the middle ground
and choose neutrality

Start with yourself


New Years' message 2003-2004

Subtle energies as a science

You as a person
and you as a soul

The importance of sharing
what you feel and think with
like-minded persons


New Year's message 2002-2003

Real values can
never be oppressed

Take position

Become your own authority
and a lot will change

Crop Circles are like stamps

about Mount Shasta (U.S)


New Year's message 2001-2002

Evolution of the Earth

About September 11, 2001

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