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Safety and freedom
New Year’s Message

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh - Oth-channeling
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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

The purpose of Oth is to broaden people's horizon, to make them feel, see and understand things clearer, whatever the problem may be. If you look at a problem in a larger perspective, understandable for everyone, each problem becomes less of a burden. This creates a rich and vast support base and as a result people become less entangled in suffocating judgments, as this is the true essence of all problems: passing judgment on what is good or bad, on what is normal or abnormal, on what is fair or unfair, on what is just or not. By looking at this in a broader and more enlightened way, it generates a better understanding for one another, and that is the only approach for peace to grow and prosper.

Oth does strengthen your personal power. A power that transforms you and brings you in contact with your soul and higher self. Aspects of the soul will become clearer and more recognizable. There will be more unity between you, the person and your soul. This again will broaden your thinking and your feelings, and you will discover how important you are as a link in the Universe.

Oth is channelled by Ellen Rauh. Seminars and workshops are held in Belgium, The Netherlands, Egypt, France, Ibiza, Portugal, South Africa and in the USA. All seminars and workshops usually have a specific theme. Private channeling sessions are also possible.


New Year's message 2016-2017
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

December 18, 2016, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

Safety and freedom


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We would like to discuss freedom and security.

First and foremost: The perfect freedom does not exist. The perfect freedom does not exist. Freedom is depending on a certain community. The one freedom that truly exists, as described in the latest book, is ‘freedom of thinking’. You may think whatever you like, you’re only not to express it just everywhere  -  but thinking is safe, thinking is free.

Read more about ‘Freedom of thinking’  in the book: “The fifth dimension, the dimension of innovative ideas.”

Read more about 'Freedom of thinking' in the book: The fifth dimension, the dimension of innovative ideas.

On the other hand, the moment people are able to strongly focus energetically, they can cause a lot of damage and introduce insecurities with their thinking alone. You can limit people in their safety with your focused thinking. Old cultures applied this.

The Internet

In today’s modern world this is also applied; safely and anonymously express what you’re thinking at that moment, because it’s free to think whatever you like, but also express it. This expressing can cause a lot of damage and pain. We’re only talking about words here.

But what do you think about the internet, the internet which could mean ‘freedom’?

Everyone has access to knowledge. Everyone, even in poor countries, has gotten the fundamental right, in a way, to have contact through the internet, via a mobile phone, to access other ways of thinking and thus to be free.

All these people who feel safe because of their mobile phone are very vulnerable. Since they use their freedom unlimitedly, they do not notice the invisible enemy. They feel so safe, so free that they do not take the invisible enemy into account.

Mobile traffic, social media, has become invisible contact. The moment you connect yourself with an invisible contact and regard the anonymity as safe, the thread is also anonymous. That is the polarity. To what extend do you want to express your truth anonymously? If it happens often and you use it a lot and that makes you feel very safe and connected to the rest of the whole world, the thread is also anonymous and can come from all corners of the world too. Do realize with whom you connect yourself.

Do you connect with a person? Do you connect with an organization? Do you connect with a network?

Whatever you connect yourself with, secure yourself. When you’re using something invisible, something anonymous, you can be threatened by something anonymous.

Many people – very many people -  feel a certain latent fear, an invisible but certainly a present fear, something that limits their safety, something that makes them afraid. What makes them afraid? All facts that were mentioned, are only small aspects.  Because it can come from just anywhere. So, the theme for next year is: Safety and Security.

Safety as condition for Freedom

You can only feel free and feel safe to express yourself when it’s safe for you. If you’re only talking about freedom and don’t care about safety, you’ll experience a latent fear because it’s naïve to think you’re free.

Freedom will always be depending on safety. A child can only develop itself freely in a safe surrounding. People can express emotions but only on a safe ground. Safety is an essential condition to feel free. In that order.
Freedom without safety, so without taking safety into account, will eventually turn into oppression and lack of security.
Therefore, it is very important for everybody to use all your sensors you have and if it does not feel safe, though you can’t explain, accept it isn’t safe and act on this.

If a certain situation doesn’t feel safe, cloak yourself. Dim yourself and try to act low profile. This helps. If you cloak and dim yourself and are not only busy with your own safety, you’ll feel more safe.
However, if there are circumstances you feel completely safe, you can express your feelings in all freedom, show your emotions and share what you might be thinking, seeing or know.

Many times, we spoke about how important like-minded people are. Like-minded people provide a safety netting. You can be who you are, whatever you are at that moment. By that, you are safe and free to ventilate whatever you feel like ventilating.

More and more statistics are not correct any longer. The fundamental safety of people is affected.

The media overflows you with threads and images of fear of which you should be afraid of. At the same time, they are talking about freedom, freedom to be who you are.

Regard freedom as wealth and don't take it for granted

Dear people, freedom is a wealth. Feel freedom as a wealth and do not take it for granted.

Seek freedom in area’s that feel safe for you. And that can be at home, that can be at a club, that can be at meetings. But do know it’s not for granted. Experience it and be thankful for it.

Fill each and every cell of your body with this feeling to be totally the person you want to be and realize that you’re free for a moment, free to be who you want to be at that moment.

Freedom is always to be connected to the moment. It’s not a certainty that you will be that everywhere. It depends on a safe surrounding. What’s safe for the one, can be unsafe for the other.

Community in diversity

Next year more and more small-scale communities will rise that won’t any longer go against all sort of ideas, communities and behavior, which they experience as limiting.

They start off – small -  something new, with new norms, new values, new behavioral codes, that serve the small community, provide safety for that community, so the people in this community, can be who they want to be, out of respect and out of like-mindedness.

But don’t let like-mindedness be dependent on old limitations, of old thinking patterns. Don’t let it be one belief. Don’t let it be one conviction. Don’t let it be one race.

Diversity in safety. Be free in diversity. This will prove to be an added value.

You enrich yourselves by being yourself, no matter where you come from, no matter what you believe but by being yourself.

A religious conviction can help you to be something but what matters is who you are and not by what you are what you are.

Your origin of a country might influence you who you are, it doesn’t matter what caused you to be who you are, but just who you are.

A large variation of all sort of tunes, a wide variety supplies of insights, of believes that, as if a new recipe, form a new menu card. All sorts of ingredients, seasoning, from several cultures.  A pinch of this religion and a pinch of that country and a drop of that culture. A new mix, a new recipe on which the ones present there thrive but could have an allergic reaction on others or could get digestive problems. But no one have to be present.
So also there again a clear border whereby a safe ground is provided for the ones who like to be there and who thrive there. In great numbers these communities will spring up like mushrooms and compose a new fundament and new boundaries.


The borders you now know were once devised from a safety perspective. These borders were guarded.

Nature has helped to regularly push borders, because the river course changed of because a natural disaster raised a new barrier and formed a wall, as it were, between two communities. This way the one community could blossom, as could the other.

Now, people will raise barriers  - energetically -  because certain rules, because certain norms and values, apply for that community.

Global laws, global rules and global agreements

Global laws, global rules and global agreements will prove to be fruitless more and more, because some communities will profit from it at the expense of other communities.

Global laws and rules do not exist and will turn out to be an utopia.

But how do you interact with each other while you can travel all over the world and are faced with all sorts of religions, cultures and climates?


The only way countries are connected with each other is nature and climate. You cannot state: ‘We preserve this climate in this country and that climate in that country’ because another control is effective.

Climate agreements by humans turn out to be worthless unfortunately. The only way to take care of the climate is to realize the climate cannot be influenced by humans. Regretfully, it has been tried way too many times at a higher level than you can think of. But there is a higher control that does not allow this.

So, have faith. Believe in climate. Believe in a higher control. Handle planet Earth carefully  - each of you in his/her own way -  which is your residence during your earthly life.

You can serve Earth for several reasons. And once you serve Earth, you will recognize the signals from Earth and whereby you might be able to in fact change the climate. Like the old Shamans could, not from personal interest but from a higher knowing, coach Earth in its line of evolution. This all to allow people and animals to feel free and thrive in all safety.

If you feel safe, you are free

Dear people, freedom and safety have many aspects. Start with yourself. Enjoy all moments where you experience all aspects of freedom and safety to the fullest and know these two are always related to each other.

People who suffer from oppression and whom don’t feel safe and have the slogan “I’m for freedom!”; we would like to say to these people; swap that slogan for “I’m for safety” and then you will feel yourself free automatically. Let safety be more important than freedom because when you feel safe, you are free.

Feel the great love from Oth and his companions.                   




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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
January 29, 2016, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

The zika-virus

The Zika-virus: an attack on the fertility of mankind

Suddenly there’s a lot of attention for ‘mosquito’s’ because of the Zika-virus. It’s not the mosquito’s, it’s the virus. Some mosquito’s carry the virus. Don’t go judging all mosquito’s. It’s the virus. The fact that the virus spreads itself so quickly and will spread itself even more quickly is an attack on mankind, on the fertility of mankind.

What is going on with the fertility of mankind? That is the root cause of the problem.

Taste of own medicine

This requires a male and female reproduction cell, that coalesces and produces something new. This reproduction is disordered now. For quite some time mankind has been busy in higher echelons with genetic manipulation  - more than you suspect -,  for example with the reproduction of crops; reproduction of those crops they want to force and destruction of other crops.  Quite often all sorts of substances are used so a certain part of the flora or fauna can’t reproduce any more, because it does not suit mankind.

Viruses are a magnificent counterbalance to balance out.  Mankind gets a taste of its own medicine from viruses that will disorder the reproduction of the human race.

Immunity of mosquito’s worth investigating

During research usually the focus is on the trouble, the disruption. Little attention goes to researching balance.

Because the mosquitos won’t succumb to the virus, it would be quite interesting to also research this. Why can a mosquito carry this virus, let it live, without itself getting sick? It’s worth investigating.  If people would discover this, they could do something about their own immunity.

Wake-up call for mankind

Flu virus, Ebola virus, zika virus; viruses can adapt themselves very quickly and are always a wake-up call for mankind. “Do realise how vulnerable you are”. We are so small. We can destroy you. And that is how it is.

So; whether or not it becomes pandemic, it’s a wake-up call for mankind to realise that you humans are but a very small part of the greatness of Earth.  Unity of being, unity of beings on Earth. No more separation because of religion. No more separation because of a colour. No more separation because you come from a regime where according to some norms and values a dictatorship rules. No, unity of being.

A virus does not distinguish, it’s for everybody, regardless the country, regardless the religion, regardless whichever race or regime rules. In fact, they are the biggest preachers of unity.

Go down together or win together, but by means of a dialogue. You can go bombarding, you can go poisoning. You can wipe them out. Because before you know it they choose a fly or before you know it they can choose an animal you love in some parts of the world: a dog as a pet, a cat as a pet, as a carrier of a virus, a human being as a carrier of a virus ….

Oppression and manipulation

So what is going on in higher echelons, is that the reproduction of mankind is at stake.

There is a lot going on about sexuality. Abuse of women, people who change identity, groups that want freedom of sexes, people who want to be free, to show who they are by publicly making love to each other and others who do not want that. So much oppression, so much manipulation is boiling down to the misbalance in the interaction between male-female.

The human race is not a unity at this moment. There are many animal species that are more lovingly among themselves than humans are.

Try to experience unity in your own circle of friends and family. A woman is not a man and a man is not a woman. They are different, but both are needed for reproducing the human race. For a reason. The concept is that two different entities can produce something new. So if you connect yourself with something that is different from you, in partnership, in what love should be, and become one, something new is born from it.

Go cooperate!

Go cooperate in all areas. Let ideas from different specialisations, disciplines coalesce to become more. At the same time we would like to inform you: go for unity in small scale. Do not try to save the world. Do not try to be proved right and force your will upon someone. No, set an example for what you stand for. Let someone else set an example what he or she stands for him-/herself and you together are more.

This virus will bring unity eventually. Not the mosquito’s, but the virus.


Feel the great love from Oth, Atha, Era, Allen and Ehma.

Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
January 29, 2016, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

New Year's message 2015-2016
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

December 13, 2015, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

New Year’s Message 2016

This text is solely the introduction to an exciting event with questions and answers.



Dear all present here. Welcome. All bridge-builders; bridge-builders between the old age and the new age. You are bridge-builders. Many bridge-builders are now tired of building, of fighting, of surviving, of life.

The new age

Dear people, we are here to give you a boost, ‘to lean on’, because the new age is coming. Not for nothing, we have passed on three books, in the right order. To start with ‘The fourth dimension', the Nothing. ‘Discover your own influence’. Who are you? What do you as a human being, as an individual have to offer and what can be your influence? ‘Times of change’, which we are currently in the middle of. And the next book will be about the new age. But first there was a need for a book by Ellen herself: ‘Power in Balance, as a role model.

Walk your talk

Because more and more it will come down to you being who you are. Whatever you announce, you will have to do yourself as well. ‘Walk your talk’. Whatever you announce, whatever your truth might be, wherever your truth derives from, be your truth. It’s not enough to just believe in it. It’s not enough for your truth to just serve you. Your truth has to sink in and you have to be your truth. Only then you can pass on your truth as a human being and will you become a guide among people; a guide who can show directions to people who are temporarily lost, who temporarily don’t know anymore. And we emphasize ‘temporarily’.

Do not make people depending on you. Believe in their power. Believe they are able to do something. Help them to make believe themselves that they are able to do something. And then they will pass it on and become a guide for people in their surroundings who are lost temporarily. Become human among humans.

False sense of certainty

Ellen will explain the drawing on the white-board momentarily and then you will understand why many of you  - and many with you -  are having a hard time at the moment. All that seemed to be certain turned out to be a false sense of certainty only. Many rock-solid structures turned out not to be so rock-solid at all. Many people and institutes you respected, turned out not to deserve your respect. And many people don’t know what to believe anymore, whom to trust now, which truth they still will serve.

The new age, dear people, will be an age of new initiatives. Small-scale. Many civilians, many people now take their own initiative; start something new using their own potential. Small-scale, but still, something small-scale can grow into something big.

The importance of your well-being

We want to advice everyone present here and everyone who will read this message on the website: Don’t allow for large scale to take away your own well-being. Even you require well-being, how important business, your ideas, your ideals, might be to everyone. Don’t give yourself away. Do not become your work. Do not become your ideal. Remain a human being with ideals. A human being with ideals distinguishes between his intimate circle of people and that which he stands for and goes for in the world. Don’t let anything in your circle of friends, your intimate circle, be taken away. Be proud. Be careful with the people who are dear to you. Be proud of and careful with the people who you can call friends. Be proud of and careful with the possession, material and ideas you have acquired. In case you love nature, then love all of nature. One thing is for sure, a big, a very big, change is coming.

If the top is based on the basics, it serves the basics

Old cultures also had a hierarchy and were always led by people who possessed a broader consciousness or had access to a broader consciousness. They had access to cosmic laws, they had access to laws of physics, they were guided by a higher consciousness that many of you would call ‘intuition’. They had a long-term vision which allowed them to guide those, who were depending on them, through the changes they already knew were coming beforehand. To respond agilely on changes.

Many today’s institutes have become so entangled in their own rules and laws, that they cannot react to unexpected temporarily or long-term changes. They are always lagging behind.  Mankind fails a long-term vision but when you look very closely at the news, you will see many aspects that will make you happy. Slowly but surely, it will become obvious that the renewal will win, that institutes which are stuck in old idea(l)s are already losing their foundation and credibility little by little. That is the signal for renewal. Any hierarchy and summit of a hierarchy, how big or small the society ever might be, is based on the basics, is to serve the basics. And if you look around you and listen, that is often what is failing.  Naturally, very much can be said about this and very much more will be said about it.

Feel the great love from Oth, Atha, Era, Allen and Ehma.


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Universal Internet

Dear all together, connected with 5 masters on Earth. A network between 5 channels and each of you here present connected with his own unique network, connected with five circles around a master channel at this moment. A magnificent message is heading towards Earth. At five place simultaneously, each coloured by the ones passing it on. In this way of one Universal message five aspects are activated. This represents the five new cultures that will merge.

Don’t start to think about names of cultures. That is old school thinking. It will get a new name and new cultures will be discovered, as there are matters being discovered of late that upset time schedules.

Time schedules don’t seem to make sense. What used to the oldest, turns out not to be the oldest or it turns out to be even older. So, let go of everything you know about ancient times, about time lines.

It can almost not be put into words. The new age, the language of the new age. So sorry, too bad. The digital era will change dramatically. This turns the complete visions of the future upside down. Many visions of the future are based on the digital network. The new era, well, let’s call that the PINEAL NETWORK.

You have seen for example how information can be downloaded without computing. Ellen usually laughingly calls this “I am connected to a Cosmic Internet”.

Dear people, this is the new age. Prepare yourself that each and one of you here present will be connected more and more often and can plug in effortlessly to a ‘Cosmic Internet’. You’ll get precisely the information you need and is useful to you. Countless books from the Akasha Chronicles, so to speak, are gathered for you and you will get the wrap up what is useful to you.

This will produce a lot of spare time, spare time to enjoy the Earth. This knowledge is accessible to everyone. For free, gratis. This will turn school systems upside down. This will turn poverty upside down. This will turn oppressing upside down. Because how can you forbid someone to be connected to a cosmic universal internet? This will be crucially important to whole mankind.

It will prevent a great waste. It will bring many powers to their knees. Take banking, which is relying on an earthly internet. If that fails, the whole bank collapses, as does the power. This can only happen if many people are connected to a Universal Network. And you might think: Yeah right, very well, but how can you pay for bread and transfer money through a universal internet?” Dear people, it can done. Not according to what you’re thinking but it’s the future. Not using Bitcoins, because, again, that is also depending on earthly internet.

Like someone could not imagine 50 years ago  - and let alone 100 years ago -  that money would only be virtually present. Imagine yourself that it would be very well possible to transfer money – energetic money - through the Universal Internet with which you, yes, can pay anything. Start thinking about that, what a major revolution that would be. It can’t be hacked because it’s secured. It will be tried, like many people now try to break in aura’s and in systems of people. But you can protect yourself against it. Not with alarm systems that are depending on earthly power but by your own security. Your own radar and you’ll know “Hey, watch it”.

Dear people this was a little corner of the veil of an important – a very important – Universal message concerning the earthly internet, which will be replaced more and more by the Universal Internet.

Feel the great love and support from Oth, Atha, Era, Allen, Ehama And.


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New Year's message 2014 - 2015
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

The 15th New Year’s Message

The 15th New Year’s Message from the universe through Ellen. The message is put into words so people can understand it. This message is translated so people can understand it. At the same time the message also consists of an energetic language that cannot be heard through physical ears but is through subtle hearing organs humans have too. But everything that does not have a human form and lacks human senses, understands this message as well. Today we will talk about Universal laws and Earthly laws.

Universal laws and Earthly laws

Because you as humans live on Earth, you are bound and connected to Earthly laws. But since you also consist of subtle energies, you are also connected to, what we might call, Universal laws. Cosmic laws, Universal laws, these words are only needed to emphasize the laws outside Earth that influence you, Earth and Nature.

As you can see there are very many hot spots on Earth at this moment, there is a lot of discontent, much turmoil and a quite a lot of frustration about laws humans have thought up, religions have thought up. Much injustice and oppression is the result of laws and rules humans have made up. And more and more people are protesting against these laws and rules humans have made up. So, mankind is revolting against itself, that’s how you can look at it. More and more discontent because of laws and rules giving people the impression that they are not heard, that they don’t matter, that they are so there can be laws. But laws are not to serve them and dissatisfaction arises. People need this dissatisfaction for renewal. Because you will not change something right. Because of the huge frustration, a call for renewal is triggered from the inside, from deep within the masses. There is going to be a revolution at many fronts at the same time. To which group do you belong in fact? It’s hard to choose because should you choose for the one group, because you agree with some points, you become a rival or an adversary of the other group, though you do agree with some of their points as well. How do you choose? People are getting more and more sick and tired of making choices. They do not want to choose for a certain group and they do not want to be part of anything. And yet you have to connect to be a bigger opponent during times of revolution. And look around you what is happening. Opponents join hands for a new threat. Groups of people, who usually are arch enemies, combine forces because a third opponent can only be beaten by cooperating. If you look from that angle to Earth what is going on there, you should in fact be happy.

Last year we talked about hot spots expanding and this took place and is still happening: hotbeds that attract like-minded individuals to become bigger hotbeds, so hotbeds become noticeable. The consequence is that arch enemies unite. Ancient feuds have to be forgotten, so to speak, in order to battle shoulder to shoulder. This all to stand up against frustrations, feuds and misunderstandings that arose by the laws and rules humans have thought up. Bordered countries do no longer exist. Once wars were about conquering land but now wars are about idealism, to maintain certain norms and values at all costs.

2015 will be a year of great change. For quite some time there has been a wave: the bigger the networks, the more influence there was. And when you look closely enough, the biggest revolt will happen at multinationals and at very large companies. Their main influence will decrease and individual ideas, individual projects will take over. People do not want to be part to anything they do not recognize. Because the biggest power is the power you don’t recognize because they are not exercised by people but by fictional ideas or by fictional companies. The biggest oppressors can’t be drilled down to actual people but only to companies having very large influence. How can one protect oneself against that? How can you connect to other people in order not to become a victim of people you don’t even know?

A lot is going on about eavesdropping scandals. What about privacy? Is there still something as privacy? There are many laws on privacy and there are many laws on freedom of speech and to be yourself. What about that? Can you still be yourself? Is there something as a personal life? Is there something as a choice not to spread your ideas? Is there something as to keep something safe?

We can tell you that this is wishful thinking, it’s naïve to think an idea is yours. An idea is energy, so everybody’s. There is freedom to use an idea in many ways. It could very well be that patents are outdated. The more you like to keep something secret, the more spectacular it will be when it hits the media when found out. What’s the power of media? The power is that an idea is spread immediately to just anyone. This will turn into a wave of reactions by strangers.

How do you defend yourself against the unknown? Once people believed that if they believe in Gods or Divinities, or whichever names were made up, that that God or that symbol or Divinity saw everything. The All-seeing eye, the All-knowing, the All. If you believe in the All, if you believe in the All-knowing, which is nothing but the All without polarity, without an opinion, why would you still need to hide something? If the All is the only one who knows, then the All will not judge you, not condemn but assess you.

The new age will be one of people who will seek more and more their unique selves in the big picture, who will unite with other people, who will break loose from limiting rules and will build small communities themselves to further build small ideals. People have become slaves of systems. People have become slaves of compensations. People have become slaves of large companies that decide whether or not can or must be intervened.

So the biggest revolution will be people taking matters in their own hands and develop new ideas in small scale based upon respect for each other. It’s not about big names any more, it’s not about master degrees, it’s about human qualities and naturally knowledge and skills will still play a part, only a diploma any longer needed; what does a diploma mean anyway? Very little. It will be more about the total person. You’ll understand this will result in a massive landslide in all institutional forms that currently only exist to serve the people; well that’s how it’s sold. But many have become slaves of these systems. A new form of slavery has arisen and people are going to free themselves, will break the chains and will choose more and more for diversity and unity. It does not have to be the same anymore. Originality and uniqueness will prevail over greatness. So many forms of gatherings, many forms of cooperation, will arise and the foundations of institutes will slowly but surely collapse and dissipate like soap bubbles because of that.

The great love from the Universe - and those are thus the Universal laws – is that plan B, C, D, E, F, …. are introduced. Through cosmic laws many ideas are already forming slowly but surely. Ideas are subjected to cosmic laws. Ideas do not come from Earth. Ideas come from the Universe, from the invisible, received by your brain and slowly but surely transformed into an idea. That idea wants to show itself on Earth. The moment an idea can be or is allowed to surface it has to bind itself to Earthly opportunities and Earthy laws. Do join brainstorm sessions with like-minded people. Let it be
exciting, creative evenings or afternoons exchanging ideas. Try to avoid an idea is owned by someone. Allow for an idea to service a big part of mankind or Earth.


If everyone were to ask themselves individually:

Am I personally serving Earth?
Am I personally serving manking?
And am I personally serving the Universe?

If people would spend more time thinking what they themselves have to offer, they would have less time to talk about what someone else does not do. That would be a big turn-around. Instead of criticizing what people do not do, criticizing what governments, managements, boards do not do - instead of that you could ask yourself:

Is my personal life, as small as it is, contributing something?
Am I myself contributing something, as small as that contribution might be?

We would like to ask all of you:

Serve the Earth, serve society with a personal initiative of yourself
What do you have to offer Earth?
What do you have to offer mankind?
What do you have to offer the Universe?

Then we end up in an completely different world. Because how could you know if you’re serving the Universe and Cosmos, if you do not know how to serve it in the first place? You might think you’re serving the Universe while, in fact, you’re hindering the Universe. This is a complicated matter. So, the only thing you can do, is to connect in your unique way with that you consider the Universe. The belief can be a fantastic gateway to the Universe and some people have different names for that. But connect in your unique way to the Universe and ask yourself: What do I have to offer? What can I do? Do you really want to know the answer?

One thing is certain, the Universe will hand ideas and some of them are practically not executable. If these ideas are practically not executable, they are thus ideas that can’t bind themselves with Earthly laws; but even then they can serve the Universe. The misconception will be that people will use ideas meant for the Universe to serve Earth. Neither benefit from that. It would be great if people can tell the difference: With what do I serve the Universe and with what do I serve Earth? Because you’re both. This would prevent a lot of frustration. You’re allowed to use ideas belonging to the Universe to realize your ideals, to fantasize and to immediately return it to the Universe. This means you won’t get feedback from Earth, you won’t get feedback from people or Nature. But that does not mean your serving has failed. You expected feedback from the opposite direction. The feedback you will get back will come from the Universe. And if you’re serving Earth, the feedback will come from Earth. It will make a big difference if people realize they are both. Expect support from the Universe when you’re serving the Universe and expect support from Earth when you’re serving Earth. This will cause a huge difference in your life. You accept you’re both. You accept that you’re powerless on both fronts and you accept on both fronts you’re privileged and can become rich by exchanging and serving it.

Lust for life

Are we serving Earth and the Universe the most by doing things we enjoy most?

We are very pleased with this question and the answer is a thousandfold ‘yes’! By doing thing you enjoy most, you feed what you do with a sparkling energy. Sparkling energy equals lust for life. Lust for life is bound to life on Earth. So you bring joy to life on Earth. Soul energy is sparkling by nature, because it’s always refreshing. Bringing this refreshing energy to earthly levels should consequently result in lust for life. When people do what makes them happy, they serve Earth with lust for life and they spread lust for life. Earth, mankind, Nature reflects this lust for life back up. So, the more people can live in harmony and joy, the bigger the field of lust for life around the Earth will become. This energy emits further down the Universe in return. But even more importantly, the field around the Earth, which fills itself with lust for life, attracts magnetically ideas from the Universe that make people happy. So the Universe serves Earth in return and visa versa. Because each and everyone of you are both. Happiness and lust for life on Earth is lust for life in the Universe.

People who do not experience lust for life in life on Earth, will often experience this when they cross over. People who were present at people crossing over and leaving Earth, are quite often surprised by the peace and joy this person then emits. This person is thus reconnected with his or her source that was rarely heavy. If it’s experienced as heavy, this basically means that the etheric body, the soul of the body, still has to travel a great distance towards the light of the All. Light is not only the All, light is also the opposite of heavy. If many people experience life on Earth as heavy, they will long for leaving Earth to be back in the light again. That is another side. But if you leave Earth with the remembrance that Earth was heavy, you will first need to travel a very long distance before you have freed yourself from Earth in the Universe, from the heaviness of Earth. So if you want to leave Earth effortlessly in harmony and joy, it’s important to already experience and remember that joy on Earth. So the answer if a thousandfold yes on many fronts at the same time.

So search for people with lust for life. If Earth feels heavy, if your life feels heavy - for whatever reason - then create a small oasis of joy because there is always something that can still make you happy. Create joy in your own house, create joy when you meet people in your spare time from own free will. Then you extend joy and then you create a community of joy before you know it. And if you experience this as joy and others with you, the joy expands and you will more and more attract people whom experience this as joy. Next, unity in joy will arise and no wild joy, no ecstatic joy, but inner joy. Inner joy is always the result of the fact that you yourself feel free to be who you are without others obstructing or limiting you to be that. So we would like to say: seek many occasions in 2015 that make you happy, where you experience joy. Visit people, invite people over who make you happy, apart from what the world around you looks like or how you experience the world around you.

Dear people, if you experience joy and a thrill on a regular base in your life, it will increase your immunity. Your lust for life is your unique code that can only be hacked by people who experience that as joy. You’re building an enormous energy field around you, so to speak, that shows your joy and neutralizes anything that is not a joy for you. Everybody will recognize this: at moments that you feel depressed, you see all sort of things that make you even more depressed, you get reactions and remarks that even confirm that. And at moments you sparkle from lust for life, it does not affect you. If you experience moments you’re touchy, that you, as Ellen likes to call it, experience flyswatter energy, that you can get troubled by a fly, so to speak, know that this is what you attract. We would like to advise people that when you experience this within yourself, accept it and crawl inside a bunker, so to speak, because before you know it, you will attract it from all directions. Only allow people inside your bunker who do not confirm this, who are powerful enough to be in their lust for life not to go along in your heaviness, then you can spend time in your bunker safely and crawl back outside once you experience lust for live again. Then you can serve people again who are depressed because you’re overflowing from lust for life and the depressed people do not affect you. You don’t have to change them but you can a light in a heavy dark period. Let this be a beautiful wish for 2015.

Universal immunity and Earthly immunity

I have a question about the immune system. Someone in my neighborhood has a severe immune disorder, which is treated with medication, while, in fact, that medication has the opposite effect, which makes you even more vulnerable for infections and more in that line and it only gets worse.

We are very happy with this question because the answer is: immunity systems have to answer to Universal immunity and Earthy immunity. If there’s an immunity disorder, and to come back to your question, if this immunity disorder is treated with Earthly means, the person will get more vulnerable for Universal bacteria and viruses. The only way to strengthen immunity effectively is to strengthen both fronts at the same time. Then the question is of course: how are you going to do that?
All medicines that focus on the physical body is Earthly immunity. But if a person is very energetically present, you will cause a major upset in the energetic house keeping of that person. What strengthens the one, weakens the other system. So you have two immunity systems: the physical and the energetic. Many allergies, many contaminations these days, have to do with energetic pollution, with energetic irritation. If you only strengthen your body, you do not take away the cause, but in fact you strengthen the imbalance. To get someone in balance and for him to have a rich, broad, strong immunity field, you have to start working at both fronts simultaneously. So the question is: who or what can accomplish that? We would say, do not abandon the medical world, since Earthy laws remain important, so find a balance between the two. If certain therapies or medicines are necessary for the physical body, always add a medicine that also brings the energetic body in balance.  But where do you find these energetic medicines then? That’s differs per person. These can only be found when you go see people you feel connected with, a connection on all fronts; where you have the feeling: “we speak the same language. This person truly listens to me, not only to my words but to all of me”. If that person can work with energy one way or another, this person can balance you energetically and the imbalance caused by the medication that serves your physical body can basically be neutralized immediately; if you are looking for hooking up, linking up with people you feel connected with. Here diplomas do not count. It’s an individual tuning-in that can only be felt.  Therefore there are no laws and rules. You have to experience this yourself and to try to be very honest.

So this is our advise: to all of you anyhow, taking care of your own immune system  - the two immune systems -  is very important in these times more and more imbalances come from unexpected, invisible angles. A sensitive person, who is used to listen, hear, see and feel energetically, might feel an upcoming thread without it being physically or visibly present because he himself is not physically or visibly present since it’s not noticeable with your physical senses.  Trust your energetic senses and be on guard. Navigate on Earth and across the world with your energetic senses, then you’ll be safe from  - energetic and physical, viruses and bacteria. Obey both laws. Universal laws cannot be clarified, cannot be explained but can be experienced and felt. Earthy laws are visible.

When you look at Earth  - and with Earth we mean anything Earth is; observe the reactions of animals. Observe plants. Observe anything unusual and you will recognize the signals when something is going on or headed our way. The old shamans knew more about the climate and about climate changes and all changes on Earth then many today’s meteorologists who are basically slaves to their equipment. Therefore they do not see themselves what is happening or what is changing. Many shamans, people who possess shaman qualities, are waking up or already awake. They will report themselves. They do not require equipment but can experience unexplainable changes that are taking place and warn people in time. But who will listen to this? That’s is only from your own free will. But do believe us: this will accelerate in 2015. More often people will start telling things out of the blue, being their truth and which they feel need to be told. Listen and if you find it appealing, do something with it but when it doesn’t, leave it alone but don’t judge it. Many messages will be headed your way. Quite a lot of people will get clairvoyants qualities, on the field of seeing and feeling, and will express anything based on that. This is all true. Choose whatever feeds you and let the rest feed others, without judgment.

Lines of evolution

Dear Oth, we experience some things as new but are very old at the same time; have yet always existed. In that line I would like to ask: do Earthy laws and Universal laws evolve as well or are they basically timeless?

Universal laws are, according to Earthy standards, timeless because time does not exist in the Universe, but a line of evolution, lines of evolutions do exist indeed. But they are intertwined. So in that sense, time does not exist, limits do not exist. Earthy laws do change. Nothing is new, nothing is old, but anything old can be reused. Anything that appears to be new is based on old sources. Subsequently many ideas appear to be new, but when you start to see clearly, you will realize old cultures were much better capable of perceiving an idea specifically and delivering it. Mankind will come to realize how poor it has become. So, you impoverish by using all possibilities of gathering information. Information impoverishes because humans spread recorded information. Old cultures were able to retrieve information from higher dimensions  - higher dimensions of truth -  that are based on broader context.

Look at your current systems. Again a climate summit was held. What inspired the climate summit? Do you really think the climate summit can change the climate? Are people, who can provide information about climate changes, allowed to speak? Or is only about economical interests and about scoring? True climate summits do exist but they are not covered in the media.  Believe us, there are many people on Earth  - more than you can presume -  who serve the Universe and serve Earth.  They too have a climate summit. They share ideas. Some of them are not physically but only energetically present. And some of them are only physically present. This may look like some hocus-pocus, appear scary, but is indeed the truth.  We would say: you can be less afraid of this than of the media climate summits where rules and laws are discussed that do not serve mankind and will not change the climate. So, learn not to be afraid of anything ethereal or invisible. Fear is a poor counselor. Be open-minded, listen and if it serves you, use it. If it doesn’t, leave it. But be open-minded to renewal. Come together, listen to what cannot be proved. Listen to what could maybe be very well possible. Very important: stop wanting to prove something. To prove is old school.

Let go of truths, let go of proof

Referring back to the question, the biggest renewal is maybe that Earthly laws cannot be proven. The moment you want to prove them, you limit what is there. There is always more. Something that will indeed happen, is that the wisdoms, the laws and ideas of old cultures will be reused again in a today’s redesign because the new age does not have a name yet. Old ages had names. Old cultures had names and there were indeed old cultures that were not known under a certain name.  Assume you do not know anything yet. Start gathering what you can find about old cultures. Let go of truths, let go of proof and start discovering and rediscovering like a child. The new age is about discovering and rediscovering.

Universal laws are not rediscoverable.  Still elements will be discovered. Bue due to the time difference, since Earth is connected and bound to time, it will never be in sync. The moment something is discovered, it is already passed, due to the enormous distance. You can learn from it but it does not fit in the time line. So do not try to explain it using Earthly concepts.  They are possible truths but at the moment that something is discovered in the Universe it can already be changed again during the time it needs to spread on Earth. And this counts for all truths.

Each truth is a truth of that moment. And if you want to maintain a truth, that’s ‘old age’. Try to adapt and to renew your truth constantly. Then you renew your truth according to the Earthy laws of that moment and to the ideas from the Universe that reach you at that moment. So try to realize new ideas and not to park them in long term planning. Allow yourself the freedom to navigate and to add new aspects, then you keep on renewing yourself and consequently you will get less tired.
Dear people, quite a lot food for thought. Do not take anything that is said for granted as a truth. Let anything that was said, be food for thought and make it your own truth.

We wish you all a very happy and renewing 2015.
And we are: Oth, Atha, Era, Allen en Ehma.


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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
December 15 2013, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

The strength of the Earth and you people on Earth

Good afternoon to you all.

All of you have a special connection with the Earth. Many of you have more of a connection  - so they think -  with the Universe.  And yet the emphasis is on the Earth.

We would like to talk with you about the Earth, the power of the Earth. And when we talk about the power of the Earth, many think about natural disasters: water, wind, fire, earth quakes. These are the moments man feels small; small in comparison to the enormous power and force of the elements of the Earth. These are elements of the Earth, but this is not the Earth itself. Each human being  - you individually -  also possess certain powers, each in his own specific way. But this does not imply this is you. No, this is not you. Then, what are you?

Who inspires you? Who propels you? Who or what? Is it your faith? Is it the power of your character? What is the force that propels you? What is the power of the Earth?

This is all depending on magnetism. Magnetism, magnetic fields that either repulse or attract each other. And just imagine something is repulsed, then this is a pulsating movement of repulsing and attracting. The entire universe is like it is by this operation of attracting and repulsing. By this the orbits of the planets are created and keeps everything in place.  The Earth could not exist without these fields. Water wouldn’t exist without the influence of the moon which makes the water move by magnetic operation. This is a force outside the Earth that makes water exist. But that's not the power of the Earth.

We wouldn’t like to call the power of the Earth a power but a germination. It’s just a word, but a word that, in our opinion, answers the most to where it comes down to.  Take a look at a germ when it germinates.  For example: a flower bulb you put in the ground is programmed and when the time is right, a stalk rises through the Earth’s crust with an enormous force. Where does this power come from? This is the power we would like to talk about.

The Earth is the core source of the germination that feeds and propels you. Each of you carry many germs. And the moment the time or season is right, this germ will grow and become visible because the time is right.  Not any sooner, not any later. It’s programmed, so to speak. Each of you here present is still carrying germs that are asleep, waiting for the time to become right to germinate. And then no one or nothing is able to stop that. This is a sort of core power: germination, depending on the right moment. If you were to force this, you’d get a weak plant. So, if you were to force the germs inside because you so want for them to surface, you’d weaken the product or manifestation. Fortunately, it is programmed from the Universe and the Earth. Yes indeed, also from the Earth, because everything you will accomplish, remains on Earth. So it’s very important to the Earth that important germs are protected, so they will surface at the right moment because the breeding ground is perfect and by this have a bigger effect on the Earth. The Earth is participating more and more.

Everyone of you here present has been on Earth before in times of revolution and change. Why? We can inform you: because you are able to bring out old seeds as new.  Because everything that appears new, is in fact not new. Nothing is new.  It’s old wine brought out in new bottles because it’s then useable in the new age.  What kind of news could you, here present, bring out what is indeed important to the Earth, which could inspire people and which can help to make people feel good? And we’re not talking about people. More and more place on Earth require changes. The right people will either roam around these places either physically or energetically. This way dormant power spots will awaken to yourself and others. This will happen more often, knowingly or unknowingly. Because we already said so: everything is magnetism. When you’re staying at a place on Earth that is resonating with the specific seeds you’re carrying, you will root there and then, as a figure of speech, it doesn’t matter what you eat, what the air is like or what the quality of the water is like. The magnetism of that place gives you the precise fertile ground to germinate. Once germinated, that place will never be the same but instead it’ll be a fertile ground for people carrying the same specific seeds. And so a new unity is formed by itself, a unity of people carrying seeds, who feed each other, and a certain energetic flora and fauna arises where everyone is feeling good. But it is no one’s.  No one can claim: this is mine.

When you look at Earth from a great distance, look at your globe at this moment, you will see that there are certain hot spots. From a distance these are ulcers, so to speak. These are festering boils on Earth that require healing. Hot spots attract people who benefit from them. This too is magnetism. If you look at Earth like this, you see battle hot spots, battle for ideologies and so forth. And this because people claim an ideology. “It’s ours. We are important and everything at this place is ours.” No, my dear people, it’s a cleansing. These spots attract all kinds of people who are willing to fight for an ideology. Our strongest advice is consequently: don’t become a fighter for an ideology whatsoever. Be your own seed and seek unity. Don’t go living at places that stimulate battle. Go live and stay at places that radiate tranquility and unity. And believe us, even battle is unity.  Allow for the Earth to cleans itself. Allow for the Earth to regain spots to battle and don’t try to eliminate this battle. You might say: “Yes right, are we to allow this all like this?”. Dear people, this will happen by itself. A revolution will happen by itself. There will always be people who have chosen to spread brotherhood and unity in these parts. So, leave it to the big plan. Do what you can do yourself. And try  - try -  not to be judgmental about anyone who is doing things wrong in your eyes. Since the opinion you have about them, they have about you and that is battle. If everyone can respect each other’s values, there’s nothing left to fight for. This sounds like a doom scenario, but dear people, all of you here are seeds of unity. Find people, find spots where you feel comfortable with, where you’re recognized, respected, noticed and heard and where you feel welcome, where you think you can add something. The more you do this knowingly, the more spots you will create where this will arise. You can do this yourselves. Let these dormant seeds wake up and grow on the right fertile ground.

We would like to clarify all those names: Oth, Atha, Era and all of a sudden Allen.
What is this all about? Who is at the other end of the line? We would like to clarify this. The main connection is Oth. That’s the downlink enabling Ellen to express the knowledge known by us in wording.
Atha adds thin stardust, information too, father from the Earth, with a lot of humour and playfulness. This knowledge comes from an atmosphere where there’s no limitation whatsoever opposed to the limitation mankind experiences. This can give you a cheerful boost and it could make you realize how limited you are in fact.  On the other hand more and more people become more powerful and limits are lifted like snow in the summer. More and more miracles on an energetic level happen.  Atha exceeds limits with a very light energy. Then there was contact with Era. Era is the connection with Earth’s consciousness as a result of which more messages will be about Earth: universal knowledge linked to practical applications. Now Allen was added to this. This is unlimited. Hence why it’s so hard to label it and that precisely the intention. We don’t want to name it, it would only limit it. Like the Oth-symbol it is unlimited; each and everyone can give his own interpretation to it and all symbols are stored in it.

Dear people, we wanted to inform you. We, Ellen and you yourselves start a total new phase in 2014. Let go of what it will be, let yourselves be surprised. One thing is sure  - very sure -  the book of the Earth, the power of the Earth, the layers of the Earth will be presented in 2014. And we hope to see you all back for a reading of this book. This will happen, we promise you that. Let go when, let go how but it will happen to you this calendar year.

Feel the great love, feel our great respect, feel the support en feel the gratitude from Oth, Atha, Era and all the others, Allen.


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The biggest fight is about religious beliefs

9 July 2013

Good evening dear people.

What a diversity on personalities, on specialities and people. All individuals with individual goals, with individual ideals.
Yet together in solidarity.
Solidarity is diversity with a shared interest or a shared goal.

Dearest people, we are in the midst  - and we say 'we' -  we are in the midst of times of change. We already said, the bigger the change the bigger the chaos that preceeds this. And many thought the peak would be reached by the end of 2012 and that the new age would appear out of the blue. Alas the opposite is true.
The new age is visible alright but the people, Earth, and parts of the Universe are not ready for the new age yet. Rebuilding is required. Changes are needed. When you look at the news, you see chaos all over, battles everywhere. Fights about beliefs, fights because some powers impend to lose power in order for other powers to take their place. But what are the new powers? To which do you associate yourself so it's safe to live in the new age?The bigger the diversity, the more choices you have to choose what fits you best and with the new age. Look what is happening.

In the past the fight was about land. Next the fight was about money, about economy, about energy. And the bigger the network, the bigger the power. All these networks of power, are intertwined with each other and if something falls over, when a power becomes powerless, many will become victims because the networks are interwoven with each other.

Something that is not yet intertwined are religious beliefs. The biggest fight is about religious beliefs. Values, convictions, beliefs, should be free. But then the ones, who want to turn religious belief into a power, lose. It's not the religious belief but it's the power on itself what it's all about. Who has the most power to force his beliefs upon people, to make his beliefs theirs? We regretfully inform you that beliefs can't be forced upon anyone anymore in the new age. The new people, the people of the new age, have their own beliefs and don't even require other people for this. They have their own entrance and don't require forced belief any longer to achieve, through their own belief, higher purposes, a higher peace of mind, a higher knowing. Look at your own life. Many times you will catch yourself judging something because you're convinced of the opposite. Sooner or later this provoke polarity.

Just suppose that some people  - and that might be quite a lot -  like to fight. What are they still fighting for while so many people are against fighting and in favor of peace. But if others like to fight and have fighting as a quality, they will surely find something to fight for. It's always been like that but there's a growing conviction that fighting is wrong. Just imagine that these people could turn their quality into serving a common, shared goal. This is hard to accept/believe for the people who are against violence.

There are also people who have the quality of breaking down something, to destroy something. What can these people do if there's nothing left to destroy?
Just imagine these people can be used in a demolition firm or for certain parts that need to be torn down for something new, then they can be satisfied by living their quality of destroying and demoliting . But that brings is back to fight.

Why fight? Look at animals. Look at nature. Fighting is part of Earth. But how can you use this quality such way that it serves a higher purpose and serves society? If there would be room for people who like to fight, so they could fight and society could profit from it, these people would be honored for their combativeness. But is there still room for this combativeness? Civilizations, cultures could wonder if there is still room for people with this quality; people overflowing with adrenaline, people overflowing with disagreement. Find an outlet for these people and their quality can turn into an honorable quality. This will be important in the new age for sure. And if somehow a outlet is not found, because a civilization does not allow it, it will backfire on them. And look around you in all those decent countries where there is no more fighting, how much violence there is, in the living rooms, towards the children, towards the weaker.

Violence can not be excluded but give it a place in society and their will be a greater solidarity. This sounds like a contradiction but trust that there can be room for destruction. Then many people won't be left outside alone, not labeled as bad anymore but can be useful members of society and solidarity is achieved.
Search your judgment on societies that are not doing it right in your opinion.

There are many democracies that take away the freedom of the people so to speak and there are dictatorships where people feel free and protected. Don't let it become a struggle. Let it become solidarity. Next time we will dive deeper into forms of society, rules and regulations that mark off this, limit or suffocate this.

Feel the great love and support from Oth, Atha and Era.

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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
July 9 2013, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands


Be a guide

Oth, what can we do to facilitate the process of change?

We would say: keep it at yourself. The moment you speak about 'we', you might get caught up in several interests.
You can mean a lot to people who find you and who are made to cross your path. Not we but you. 
If every individual human being, who is guiding people or lending an ear to those who cross their path, leave the rest to others, this would be a step in the right direction. 
Because then you trust that people are capable of finding help themselves by accidental meetings. And those people, who don't have a title of any kind and are maybe just working on the road, might be perfect guides to people who are lost. 

So help those who come your way, you feel connected with and dare to redirect the rest to others. Then you'll give people such power that they'll experience an autonomous right to seek help where they'll find it and there will be no group that is so-called 'entitled' to offer help to only make people even more helpless. A true aid worker offers help such that the person can stand on his own two feet again and isn't helpless anymore. So do not maintain helplessness. Encourage people in those things they can do themselves. Allow for coincidences to play a part, go for it and try to strike out the term 'we'. Be your own specialist. Dare to work at places where you might not be permitted to work, which might a coincidental meeting on a terrace or in a supermarket. Also then you will regularly be - just because who you are - a guide.

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New Year's message 2012-2013
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

december 9 2012, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

New Year's message 2012 - 2013
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
9 december 2012

Good afternoon all of you present here. welcome to this ‘meeting’, as we will call it. It is an important message to you present, but even more to the thousands who will read this and may find encouragement and confidence from it. Because the biggest problem at the moment is confidence – better: the lack of confidence: distrust.

Long-term perspectives

The twelfth month in 2012 is a few days old already and still there are no signs that the world will end. The world keeps turning, the world goes on. But what do you mean, the world? Do you mean the world, the economy? Do you mean the world, the people, nature, planet Earth? Imagine that the Earth would just disappear, what would happen to the sun, the moon and the planets that are, together with the Earth, neatly kept in orbit by magnetic fields? That would also result in a great disorder. We will therefore talk about the so great, now famous Mayan calendar. Because many ominous messages are based on the Mayan calendar.

Dear people, ancient cultures including the Maya’s, had long-term perspectives, like you value – and maybe too much - polls, statistics. Whole policy patterns are based on statistics. All beliefs are based on polls. Opinions are revised by polls. Statistics are often out-dated and all policy decisions, that were based on those statistics, were unnecessary. We said it before: beware of statistics. Don’t attach more importance to them than they actually represent. Don’t base policy structures on them, but do take the outcome in consideration. Actually, the Mayans also had polls, they too had statistics, but they were long-term statistics. Whether or not the world would end was not the issue. Whether or not the Mayan culture would end was neither the issue. Broader issues mattered. Energies mattered. Frequencies mattered.

What do frequencies bring? A lot, provided you value you them correctly. The importance of frequencies  - with which we mean the energy structures, energy compositions -  will increase time and again. Many media events are depending on frequencies, networks and on energies.

All economies, so the whole world economy, depend on communication. Take away communications in many countries and the unrest will be gone because communication about distrust is not possible any more.  Look around you and see what communication has brought.  Believe us, you yourselves and everyone are being forced to have an opinion that suits the many. How do you determine on what your distrust is based? There is a lot of distrust on planet Earth. Distrust in management, distrust in hierarchies and distrust in people who you used to trust. So, what do you still trust? What can guide you? What is your compass? Who and what determines what is important to you? That is quite a difficult question. If you don’t know that yourself and if you realise its complexity, how would you think someone else would know? How would you think management would know?

Hierarchy is having some serious breaches

Let’s take summits. Lately there have been a lot of summits. The major items on the agenda are not mentioned in the press. They use communication to precisely communicate what they only want to be communicated. Many, very many people are on to this. And yet they have influence. Yes, there is influence but at the same time there is distrust as well because people hear different languages, like children with their parents and the ones with important roles hear different languages. Is it about them? Is it about statistics? Is it about retaining current values and standards that are not true values and standards to them? People broadcasting or representing values and standards speak different languages. This is not allowed, this can’t be but yet they do this in a very subtle way.  This is no pure hierarchy. Hierarchy is having some serious breaches. What are the summits needed for then? A summit can only exist while there is a mass. The mass is a summit’s pillar. But the mass becomes the summit when the mass is not the summit’s pillar any more. So a revolution in hierarchy is needed and the Maya’s knew this. Every culture went down sooner or later. Each culture had a beginning, had peaks and had a period of deterioration. This circle of life exists for a very long time already and can be found in nature. So why wouldn’t western civilisation, western conjuncture, which is closely connected with economies, world economies, have a beginning, have peaks and have a deterioration? That leads us back to communication.

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New Year's message 2012-2013
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

december 9 2012, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands



December 21, 2012

Oth, we are at the dawn of 2012 and I don't expect UFOs will land on the 21st of December, 2012; neither do I think the world will stop spinning. But somehow, this has to be a remarkable turning point. What will we really experience ourselves, if we will at all?

Well, we can assure you that you will experience the same as you have experienced 2011. Looking back at 2011, new fundamentals were laid, each and every one who felt a bit conscious about him/herself was asked to stand up, to stand up as an ‘11’, both feet firmly rooted to Earth in life. This will be a great advantage in 2012. We mentioned this earlier in short. Many high frequencies are reaching Earth which come from nowhere, and go nowhere. This is linear thinking. They come from everywhere simultaneously. Just imagine you have an idea about the atmosphere around the earth. By your use of rockets, you know that these layers influence man and matter. Much knowledge is already disclosed on this topic. You’re still thinking in terms of planets, but this will radically change.

Let’s take Mars for example. Astrologers believe that Mars’ energy influences man’s energy. We believe so too, by the way. But just suppose there are 1000 Mars’ surrounding Earth at the same time. All of astrology would be upside-down, because you can’t focus on one single point in relation to another single point any more. This will be the big u-turn, that’s it’s coming from all directions. It’s difficult to understand, it’s difficult to comprehend because it’s observation in a five dimensional manner. You can’t really put it into words, and yet it is actually happening. The danger of this is that this might result in you losing self-control, because you can’t focus anymore when you’re lacking an anchor point.

You know about the central axis. Many people know about the central axis. Many names have been given: a central axis, the kundalini, the silver cord. Many of you know there’s a line of communication between you and the heavens and earth. These are your antennae. You’re programmed, so to speak, to use these antennae, and to tune-in to signals coming from somewhere down the universe. Many people are already able to tune-in to 5 ‘stations’ in the universe simultaneously. For example: to the galaxy but also to other star systems at the same time. At this point, you’re receiving information from different sources simultaneously. This all is still pointed upwards, like some sort of satellite dish.

The new age will be surrounding you completely, from all directions. You don’t know where it’s coming from. See for yourself, the best physical examples are the Internet, or all those wireless connections. From all corners of the world you can get information at any time. This is too much to digest if it concerns several different things. When it’s about the same, it’s still feasible. Realize much information is coming your way, but not only your way.

Scientists aren’t able to catch up with their statistics, and it really can’t be caught up. Weather forecasts will fail more and more. All manner of statistics won’t match any more. Everything will appear to go faster than expected and the statistics will not match, because the expectations are incorrect.

So be open-minded, let the abundance of possibilities surprise you. Stand firm, be an eleven, stay grounded, stay tuned-in, stay aligned, and so on. The moment you lose your focus, you move to the left, right, front, back, you’re outside the eye of the storm, and will uncomfortably twisted around and around. We would like to say, ”Stay in the middle, stay in the ‘now’, stay in the eye of the storm. The storm is unavoidable. What you can do, is let it pass. Everything you’d like to know about the new age, might as well not be true, has already passed, or, in every aspect, is happening simultaneously in large quantities and you won’t recognize it as such. So let go. Be surprised and dare to accept that you won’t comprehend it, and be glad you can’t.

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BOOKS  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Ellen Rauh has been channeling Oth for more than ten years.
“Channeling was a growth process for me. After much testing I now experience it as the gateway to an enormous cosmic Internet.”

The fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is about Nothingness.
Only when we reside in Nothingness, we can be inspired by the fifth dimension. Another major topic of this book is accepting yourself and your limitations. By being human, you are connected to the first, second and third dimension. This is thoroughly explained in this book. 
When you understand this, you can reach the higher dimensions via the fourth dimension – via Nothingness. By looking at everything from a broader perspective, you will judge less and you will be more able to love yourself as you are. These dimensions also exist as layers in and around the Earth. They influence all life on Earth.
I find this topic very interesting and informative. It is my wish to pass this information on in the pure form it was channeled through me.  order the book >>

Discover your own influence

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Influence in your life starts at the moment of conception. When the reproductive cells fuse, you are connected with the blood lines and family patters of your parents. You are influenced by family patterns and the norms and values of the society in which you grow up. Some patterns are a part of you and others you have adopted out of habit. During your life you adapt yourself to situations or you oppose them to discover your personal truth. No matter what you do, you influence your environment. You energetically radiate your codes, which magnetically attract people and situations that confirm these convictions. When you start to realise this, you can either accept them or change them. This way, you develop various languages during your life, depending on your environment: a verbal language, a body language and an energetic language. A lot of babel arises from using the wrong language. Your self-esteem raises when more personal qualities are allowed to take part: in your interpersonal relationships, your work or in your free time. When your self-esteem reflects your personal truth, the need to convince others will disappear. You will be able to accept that others have their personal truth too, which will lead to more solidarity. This way, everybody can contribute to the whole.  order the book >>              

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