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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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New Year's message 2012
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

december 18 2011, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

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New Year's message 2012

Each truth is only temporary

Good afternoon to all of you present here, all renewers in your own unique way. Many of you have felt lost on Earth. Many of you have felt lonely on Earth. Many of you have asked yourselves, “What, in fact, am I doing on Earth?” Many goals, many standards and values were unknown to you. You participated because the public demanded this from you or the family structure you came from. At first you did not ask yourself, “Why am I not in agreement with this?“ There was no time to wonder. But times are changing; and man is wondering more and more. All this wondering, asking “Why? How? When?” creates doubts because you will never know the complete truth. Each truth is only temporary. If you have the courage to accept this, your expectation pattern will change. Because each disappointment you encounter on your way is based on a wrong expectation pattern.


What is happiness based on?

Just suppose there are threads running through your life, which you will follow and experience regardless. Of course, you could deny those threads and you could fight them, but   this will bring disappointments that prevent you from being happy. Because happiness is based on “to own and to have”. Whether gaining knowledge, acquiring material possessions, being wealthy, holding a certain position at work, having many friends, whatever the case may be, are all external elements that bring you happiness. Just suppose this is true.

Many people try not to be influenced any more by certain elements outside themselves, and believe they can be happy from the inside. My dears, you cannot be happy from the inside. You can only ‘experience’ this every now and then. But the moment you expect  (again, an incorrect expectation) you can actually be this, you will be disappointed when it turns out you’re not happy from the inside.

It will look as though your techniques that should bring you happiness have failed. Accept that it is a state of being you ‘are allowed’ to experience regularly, that t’s up to you to experience less happy periods in your life, and that it is also up to you to add things for which you know from experience will bring you happiness. You can then rely on things outside you that you know are going to make you happy. You won’t be as happy as you were the first time, though. The first time can’t be repeated, but a vibration of happiness will make your energy balance lighter and more flexible. So  try this exercise; go ask yourself: “What brings me happiness? Which techniques bring me happiness from the inside, and which things from the outside stimulate me to experience happiness?”


The new age is an age of new possibilities

Yes indeed, we begin with happiness. Because, goodness gracious me, what a witch-hunt, what a ruckus about 2012: much fear, suppression. Know that all those who spread fear are suppressors.
They drain your life’s energy. They do not spread joy. Know they want to preserve an energy, an energy of suppression.

We try to spread the opposite. Renewal is joy. Renewal is a feeling of spring, like parched shrub that is coming to life and suddenly produces blossoming flowers. The new age is an age of new possibilities, but like the tide and nature show: each renewal always requires disassembling first.  Each overhaul first requires repentance. It’s like low tide and high tide. A renewal is not possible if first old rules, values and standards are brought down. And that’s what is currently happening.


Inner drive

Many truths do not appear to be as valuable now as they once were nor do possessions, safeties, or certainties. But if all those certainties and safeties disappear, what remains? The only thing that remains is your own unique certainty. What do you believe in? What is your compass? What is your religion? What is your thread? Find your thread (which you will never find to the fullest detail) clear in your vision. It could be a certain drive from the inside of you that always makes sure you go on, whatever happens. What is it that makes you go on? It isn’t your personality; it’s your inner drive fed by your unique connection. And whatever you might want and whatever you might think, or whatever the community might like and think, you keep going; your light, so to speak, is still on and cannot be extinguished completely by anything or anyone except your own unique energy supply.

Each and every one of you has a unique energy supply that allows your inner light to burn as long as you are on Earth. When you leave Earth, you log on to another network and the light keeps burning. It keeps burning! You’re a small facet of that light. It’s a spectrum of several parts of light. You could give all those parts names, yet not a single name will totally represent that tiny light part. 


Many networks were temporarily out of order

Now we are at the dawn of great ages of renewals because the networks surrounding Earth, inside Earth and the entire universe are changing. Many people, who are used to being logged on to a certain network of values, inspiration, etc.,, have recently felt left outside, alone.. They just cannot connect, so to speak. And this is what it was; many networks were temporarily out of order. It will be some time before all these networks will be clearly and easily available again. Consequently, during the period in which you are disconnected from your higher network, temporarily ‘logged off’, you will have to go on using your own power, running on your reserve, so to speak. There is always a backup supply somewhere.


Reconnecting to your upgraded network

But know, my dear people, that the moment of reconnecting to your upgraded network will generate a turbo boost. And then it will be important to stand firm and to remain yourself. Can you handle this energy boost? Can you use it? Is it too much for you? Try not to be greedy. Put energetic ‘sunglasses’ on, because it can be very bright and intense. Above all, make sure you are grounded. Make sure you have a cleanout drain, and that you are firmly connected with planet Earth, lest you fall. Your nervous system, which processes energy incentives, will suffer severely.

Energetic incentives might oppose a thread to the nervous system and unfortunately, this will get worse and occur more frequently. You will see people randomly freak out and do things nobody ever imagined possible. These are the people in whom the energy fuses, so to speak, have blown. Many energetic disorders, many psychological disorders, have been caused by connecting to the wrong network, which results in short circuiting. What will accelerate in the new age are moments when people begin to realize that many malfunctions in the nervous system might be caused by a wrong connection, and by using the wrong voltage.  As this occurs, there will be people (and let us tell you that they are there and are waking up in great numbers) who are energetic electricians who can repair the circuits, and able to connect that person to the right network. At that point, all malfunctions will vanish and victims, (those who have been labelled with some sort of illness) will suddenly flourish, possibly displaying qualities that were never before visible. They will become visible because the person will be connected to the right network.

So each and every one of you is connected to a unique network. Find yours! Find your socket in the universe and connect yourself with planet Earth, because without your connection with planet Earth, you will never be able to use your creative qualities.

A great renewal is coming. Qualities you never imagined you possessed, stored safely inside you, will now surface. So do look forward to 2012. It will give you the opportunity to present yourselves differently, to do other things which you never even suspected you could do.  Be surprised! Go with 2012’s flow. Keep your light on. Realize you are a light and take care of your own unique power supply.



Furthermore, we would like to ask each and every one here, and everyone reading this message on the website, to be compassionate. Be compassionate toward all those who are, for whatever length of time, disconnected from their network. Be compassionate with all those who will short-circuit. Do not judge those who will suddenly freak-out. Know that they play an important role in rebuilding the new networks. They are like people who are working at high-voltage pylons and get an overdose of electricity.

Allow the new age to surprise you

At any rate, Man will rise to a broader consciousness. One could explain this by using frequency waves, dimensional shapes; but it would not be sufficient. It all happens at the same time. Next year, we will tell you more about this. For now we can say that Man will be using a broader consciousness regardless. Many of you who meditate know that you observe everything in a different way when you’re in deep meditation. This observing will become more normal. It requires a physical adaptation, as well as an adaptation of your nervous system.  Many children who are alive now have been adapted already and do not require this adaptation. But many people who are still connected to the old system, who need that old power to operate, might become confused. In the period of transition, it will be necessary to go back and forth between the old and new networks, with twice as much intensity, to slowly but surely prepare the body and the self to become fully powered by the new system. When your body is tired, surrender to it. If you cannot sleep inexplicably, know this is all about your nervous system being adapted. Eating habits might change too.

Many complaints can be related to your nervous system. Add the energetic nervous system to this and know the greatest adaptations are happening right now. Be thankful, and let it happen; because it allows you to receive and use the higher frequencies that will reach Earth. The result will be that spectacular discoveries will occur. Everything goes fast, faster and even faster than that. So be prepared, allow the new age to surprise you; an age which will have infinitely more possibilities than you have ever imagined. But the prerequisite is that most people must have the courage to flow on the new frequencies.


Don't try to remember just anything

My dears, you are presented with so much knowledge. There is so much knowledge available which will continue to increase. Filter the knowledge you would like to absorb. Immediately delete everything you hear that does not interest you, or that which confuses you; delete it just like a spam e-mail, get rid of it, send it to the trashcan. It is impossible to absorb everything.  And this can become troublesome, because you must be selective. Many people are hungry and just want to store knowledge. But before you know it, knowledge becomes a burden. Everything you would like to store in that head, in your minds, takes up the space for eventual new knowledge. So dare to mind map. Do not throw away ideas, standards, values, memories, but dare to put them in a temporary folder that you can close. Then try to focus and concentrate on something else. This will become important because more knowledge will become available to those who possess a broader consciousness. Ellen is in touch with us, but every one of you have your  own contacts. And before you know it, much knowledge can be downloaded during dreams you won’t remember, whether during sleep or wakeful times. Whatever you are required to remember, you will remember. And things of importance that you are not required to remember, you must trust that your inner soul will know its importance and will store it in the temporary folder. Should you need this knowledge, seemingly from nowhere an idea will pop up, and you will say “Yes, that is a good idea”. It could be a brand new idea, but it might as well be an idea you’ve downloaded previously that was sitting safely somewhere in a folder. So don’t try to remember just anything spontaneously: this is a lack of trust. The more you try to remember, the less room there will be for new ideas.


Reformation of educational systems Ė
who determines which knowledge is important?

"Dear Oth, I am in the process of the reformation of education and I am searching as to how to connect my ideals with the reality the society currently consists of. Could you please tell me something about this?"

Yes, then you should be very flexible, which happens to be one of your qualities. Dare to not pin point anything. The reformation of education is coming, like the reformation of large areas you may seem to think important. One of them is education.

Education is considered to be very important, maybe too important. What do you want to teach the children? What do you want to impress upon them? Which standards and values, which knowledge are they required to remember as (supposedly) important? Who determines which knowledge is important? Take a look at small children. They are the finest examples. At a certain point in time, a child is ready to gain language skills, the specific window of time in which they can learn this effortlessly. At other times, their growing minds are open to learn other things. Currently in schools, it is not individual who is prioritized: not much attention is given to who consumes knowledge easily and who cannot.  Some children learn easily by hands-on practice, others learn best visually, and still others auditorily. On the other hand, there are so many children, you just can’t guide them all individually.  

But just imagine:  if a child can learn more outside the confines of a school than within a school, school becomes less important. The knowledge that is passed on becomes out-of-date before you know it. Just look back how much knowledge you yourself absorbed and crammed into your mind! 

We don’t want you to lose faith in teaching. We would like to stimulate you to pass on knowledge, to especially make students feel richer; make them feel they have qualities; make them feel they do have some talent; make them feel it does matter that they are on Earth. They have something to offer. Be open-minded for their own ideas, what they could offer and don’t really give attention to mentioning what they are not really good at. If you have a positive attitude in class, you will bring out the best in the children.

Should you present the knowledge you’re teaching as ‘knowledge as we currently know’, you will make it easier and will give the children room for having their own ideas. This can be done in mutual consensus. You can only respect each other’s opinion if teachers respect students’ qualities, but at the same time, the students must respect the teachers’ standards and values. True consensus goes both ways. If we start teaching like this, neither teachers nor students will become tired, because they will feed each other.


Influences and frequencies are coming from anywhere and at the same time

Oth, we are at the dawn of 2012 and I don't expect UFOs will land on the 21st of December, 2012; neither do I think the world will stop spinning. But somehow, this has to be a remarkable turning point. What will we really experience ourselves, if we will at all?

Well, we can assure you that you will experience the same as you have experienced 2011. Looking back at 2011, new fundamentals were laid, each and every one who felt a bit conscious about him/herself was asked to stand up, to stand up as an ‘11’, both feet firmly rooted to Earth in life. This will be a great advantage in 2012. We mentioned this earlier in short. Many high frequencies are reaching Earth which come from nowhere, and go nowhere. This is linear thinking. They come from everywhere simultaneously. Just imagine you have an idea about the atmosphere around the earth. By your use of rockets, you know that these layers influence man and matter. Much knowledge is already disclosed on this topic. You’re still thinking in terms of planets, but this will radically change.

Let’s take Mars for example. Astrologers believe that Mars’ energy influences man’s energy. We believe so too, by the way. But just suppose there are 1000 Mars’ surrounding Earth at the same time. All of astrology would be upside-down, because you can’t focus on one single point in relation to another single point any more. This will be the big u-turn, that’s it’s coming from all directions. It’s difficult to understand, it’s difficult to comprehend because it’s observation in a five dimensional manner. You can’t really put it into words, and yet it is actually happening. The danger of this is that this might result in you losing self-control, because you can’t focus anymore when you’re lacking an anchor point.

You know about the central axis. Many people know about the central axis. Many names have been given: a central axis, the kundalini, the silver cord. Many of you know there’s a line of communication between you and the heavens and earth. These are your antennae. You’re programmed, so to speak, to use these antennae, and to tune-in to signals coming from somewhere down the universe. Many people are already able to tune-in to 5 ‘stations’ in the universe simultaneously. For example: to the galaxy but also to other star systems at the same time. At this point, you’re receiving information from different sources simultaneously. This all is still pointed upwards, like some sort of satellite dish.

The new age will be surrounding you completely, from all directions. You don’t know where it’s coming from. See for yourself, the best physical examples are the Internet, or all those wireless connections. From all corners of the world you can get information at any time. This is too much to digest if it concerns several different things. When it’s about the same, it’s still feasible. Realize much information is coming your way, but not only your way.

Scientists aren’t able to catch up with their statistics, and it really can’t be caught up. Weather forecasts will fail more and more. All manner of statistics won’t match any more. Everything will appear to go faster than expected and the statistics will not match, because the expectations are incorrect.

So be open-minded, let the abundance of possibilities surprise you. Stand firm, be an eleven, stay grounded, stay tuned-in, stay aligned, and so on. The moment you lose your focus, you move to the left, right, front, back, you’re outside the eye of the storm, and will uncomfortably twisted around and around. We would like to say, ”Stay in the middle, stay in the ‘now’, stay in the eye of the storm. The storm is unavoidable. What you can do, is let it pass. Everything you’d like to know about the new age, might as well not be true, has already passed, or, in every aspect, is happening simultaneously in large quantities and you won’t recognize it as such. So let go. Be surprised and dare to accept that you won’t comprehend it, and be glad you can’t.



We would like to end this afternoon with the word ‘gratitude’.
My dears, do realize how wealthy you are, and realize you are living a luxurious life. There is so much taken for granted. Basically, you do not need to be thankful for everything that is taken for granted,. If you do, you are missing out on so many moments to be thankful for, the self-evident of things. Know that the near future, the age of light, will be an age of darkness for some, because polarity still exists. Because the more people believe in days of light, the more people will experience those days as days of darkness.

Try to be your own light. Try to experience inner joy, try to experience your inner light. Emit this light to everyone. Just emit. Try to realize there are many things in your life you have taken for granted that you have forgotten to be thankful for. Only when people are sick do they realize what it´s like to be healthy. Let this be a small example. Try to be more aware of all that is taken for granted. Then you won’t think in terms of crises, and you’ll have to accept it is an age of wealth and not one of crisis. Activate this, experience it often and be aware of it, so that you (all) will feed 2012 with an energy of gratitude.

Feel the great love and support from Oth, Atha, Era and all the others.


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